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Op-Ed: Medical innovations that may change the future

By Enozia Vakil     Jun 20, 2013 in Health
The best medical innovations from the field of medicine are all set to make the world around us change. Read on to find out more.
Medicine is constantly evolving, thanks to numerous new studies and research aimed at benefiting mankind. And the best is yet to come. Read on to find out.
A Test For Lung Cancer: Lung cancer, or any other cancer for that matter, can be more easily treated if detected early. A simple CT scan of the chest can help early diagnosis of lung cancer, especially among heavy smokers, cutting down their risk of getting seriously affected by it by a good 20 percent.
Stem Cells To Heal Hearts: Extensive research is being carried out, since 2009, to improve methods of heart repair. Finally, it has now been confirmed that stem cells could actually be useful in repairing damaged hearts caused as a result of heart attacks or any cardiovascular illnesses.
Thanks to the amazing power of stem cells, heart patients, who were previously bed ridden, can now jog around an entire football field.
Anti-Smoke Vaccine: Raised eyebrows anyone? This new-in-town vaccine holds promises for the 90 percent of smokers who relapse. Six months of clinical studies showed that almost all patients showed little or no pleasurable feeling after smoking a cigarette.
Skin Cancer No More: Melanoma, probably the most dangerous cancer which has been claiming innumerable lives, is all set to vanish off the face of earth. Two new drugs—PLX4032 and Ipilimumbab—have been used as a treatment for melanoma patients, and have produced jaw-dropping successful results in shrinking melanoma tumors. It was truly a pinch-me moment for the researchers who carried out this study.
Needle-Free Vaccine: For people who fear injections, this one might be a blessing. Boston University researchers are currently developing new ways to inoculate drugs without the use of needles. This may use nanotechnology and electricity as a part of the process, which may help deposit drugs into the bloodstream without actually using a needle.
Non-Invasive Surgery: Non-invasive surgery is a boon to mankind for many reasons. These minimally invasive surgeries carry with them a much lesser risk of organ damage, infections and other potentially deadly and life-threatening mistakes that may happen in open surgeries. Also, they offer less recovery time for patients which is an added benefit.
Capsule to the Rescue: Colon cancer is one of the most curable cancers, especially if detected early enough. However, an investigative colonoscopy to confirm the fact may be strenuous, and involve a great deal, often making the condition progress to a level difficult to cure.
Now, a capsule may help solve it all. This capsule will take pictures of your bowel and the colon, directly flash them to your doctor's computer screen for a speedy diagnosis.
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