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article imageOp-Ed: Stem cell derived anti-aging cream is on its way, and it works

By Paul Wallis     Jun 20, 2013 in Health
Sydney - Yes, things are getting interesting in stem cells. The Fountain of Youth in a jar is one new possibility. Stem cells are giving science and medicine new lessons. An injection of stem cells into someone’s knee, even resulted in improved facial skin.
Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney cosmetic doctor and stem cell clinician Ralph Bright has been using stem cells to successfully treat a range of medical issues, but says anti-ageing is relatively new.
"I'll never forget the woman whose knee was injected with stem cells to repair it, and came back two months later saying her skin on her face was smoother and more elastic. We hadn't touched her face," he says.
Stem cell injections are now almost commonplace, and the “holy grail” of medicine is turning into a flood tide of discoveries. The theory, as seen through animal experiments, is that stem cells are capable of working as all-purpose rejuvenators.
This isn’t entirely outside the frame of existing knowledge. It’s been known for decades that the body is quite capable of rejuvenating itself, but doesn’t for some reason. Aging, in that context, is seen as more of a breakdown of the system than an inevitable process.
The chief suspect is simple lack of resources, but nobody knew which resources, and an entire industry of new discoveries, real and imagined, has been in place for at least the last 60 years.
Cytokines, the growth factors which send the signals to repair the body, are thought to be the key to effective rejuvenation, and that’s what’s in the new skin creams. In this case, it seems to mean if you send the right signals, you win your youth back. Pretty good deal in a jar of cream, if so.
Dr Bright is quoted again:
"You cannot keep stem cells active in a cream, so the use of cytokines, the cell's messengers if you like is the closest we can get in a cream."
It’s also possible that this rejuvenation could naturally correct some age-related conditions, returning the body to working order in unsuspected ways or simply fixing wear and tear-related issues. The fact is that nobody’s too sure what stem cells can do, and everybody keeps tripping over fantastic new discoveries. This is the very start of stem cell science.
Not everybody is convinced, but some are optimistic about the new creams. One thing for sure, though. Now someone’s had a whiff of a working rejuvenation chemistry, it won’t stop there. Expect to be 40 years younger some time in the next 5 years, is what it’s looking like.
As someone who’s been 25 for the last few decades, I can’t resist adding:
Told ya so.
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