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article imageComputer-enabled socks help track your personal fitness

By Milton Este     Jun 19, 2013 in Technology
If you are a fitness buff and just have this constant urge to exercise, then this may be for you. This latest wearable technology claims to beat the current top of the line wrist fitness trackers with improved accuracy and convenience.
Heapsylon is a small start up company located in Redmond, Washington with special focus on body sensing devices for the human foot. As they state:
Our wearable textile sensors capture, monitor and communicate data such as activity type, level and in-footwear pressure to the user. The data is presented and analyzed by an easy-to-use dashboard. Heapsylon products make it more fun and safer to exercise. They may also contribute to prevent certain injuries, and in case of injury or disease they track patient adherence and offloading data.
So what exactly is their product? Their product is called the "senSoria" which is a computer embedded in socks to track even the slightest movements. Equipped with the proper software analysis technology, every movement can produce valuable data detailing the ways you use your body. Furthermore, this can help to better understand how one can improve and improve on their performance and goals.
In comparison with the Nike Fuelband or the Jaw Bone or the FitBit, using socks rather than a wrist bracelet, Heapsylon's senSoria claims to provide much better accuracy when it comes to measuring performance. Unlike with the bracelet, senSoria is embedded in the socks and so any movement made by the feet will produce the actual recording of the results, which unlike the bracelet only captures the motion and then jumps to a conclusion based on the inferred activity.
The most impressive feature is yet to come which basically means durability and laundry safe. Socks will smell, sometimes longer than others, but at the end they will all smell. The electronic component part of the socks will be waterproof and be safe to use in the laundry machine.
The next feature is the e-Textile feature which is a special fabric used in the sock. This fabric can be used to make other wearable parts for different parts of the body to measure the performance throughout, not limited to just the feet.
Heapsylon hopes to charge $150 for a pair of socks and an additional $60 for extending the pair of socks by three pairs. As of right now, this technology is mainly focused for runners, but soon will adapt to other fields such as golf where golfers will have the ability to see their weight distribution during the various parts of a swing and adjust accordingly.
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