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Op-Ed: Unlocking the Truth proves age doesn't matter in metal

By Ron Jayson Timbang     Jun 18, 2013 in Entertainment
New York - They hit Times Square with heavy licks and riffs and amazed ordinary bystanders with their musical skills. Although people in this neighborhood are used to hearing heavy metal music, it's unusual to hear this type of music from sixth-graders.
Composed by Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins, the heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth proves that youngsters can also rock the road with distorted guitars and emphatic rhythms. And with their passion for music, which is seen in how they perform in their YouTube clips, it would be not a surprise if they become the next Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or Black Sabbath whom people admire for their "loud" musicality.
Surely, Malcom, Jarad and Alec are not your typical type of kids. Kevin Shea Adams of Noisey has had the chance to interview these kids and learn about their experience as young metal musicians.
According to the members of Unlocking the Truth, they somehow find themselves as outcasts in school and at home where most people are not into heavy metal music.
Malcolm, who admittedly also listens to pop or "Lady Gaga" music, is aware that most of the kids in school listens to rap. "They ask us why we don't listen to rap." According to him, he is not a fan of the particular genre because "It's wack."
Both Malcolm's and Jarad's moms are also not fond of listening to heavy metal music. "She listens to R&B," says Malcolm. Meanwhile, Jarad admits that his mom "listens to house music," but actually likes his bands' songs even though "she doesn't like the songs that we listen to."
Nonetheless, being somehow different from other kids can't stop Unlocking the Truth from accomplishing their goals as musicians. The three sixth graders dreams of someday performing in the big stages.
"I see on the wall that you guys have a lot of dates lined up for summer—Webster Hall, Lincoln Center—are those for real?" asks Kevin.
"No, those are our imaginary tour dates. Places that we want to go when we get big and successful."
With this type of attitude, it would not be a surprise if they someday become big in the musical scene.
At a young age, they have already set their minds to what they want to accomplish and are passionate enough to continue what they are doing in spite of what other people think.
Indeed, these teenagers have proven that age is not a factor in heavy metal music.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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