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article imageDavid Lynch's Transcendental Music label inspires new talent Special

By Mindy Peterman     Jun 18, 2013 in Entertainment
David Lynch's Transcendental Music label is an outgrowth of the David Lynch Foundation. Here, musicians are happy to lend their talents to aid Lynch's charitable causes and gain some notoriety at the same time.
Music brings people together and the collaboration between the Recording Radio Film Connection and the David Lynch Foundation's Transcendental Music label is proof of this. In this mission statement, the TM label provides information on its artistic and charitable goals: "Transcendental Music is committed to releasing unique, high-quality music digital downloads, LPs and meditation branded lifestyle products, to help raise vital funds and awareness to support The David Lynch Foundation. We are committed to creating a new, trailblazing, charity based music label. Involved in this model will be the creation of strong brands and fresh marketing concepts for our artists, releases and cause. In turn, our image will be reflected by the genres and artists involved with the various releases on the label.We’ll capture the imagination of the music buying public by leveraging the influence of long established artists, and high profile world leaders and activists. We’ll create market demand by offering exclusive products featuring one-of-a-kind packaging and forward- thinking distribution."
The Foundation is always looking for talented interns to become part of their musical roster. It is through their collaboration with the Recording Radio Film Connection that students have had the opportunity to become an active part of the Foundation, showcasing their art while working for a good cause.
24-year-old Jade Rudolph is one such student who, through his connection with the RRFC, has had a rewarding experience with the David Lynch Foundation. Rudolph was born in Denver and moved to Littleton, Colorado as a teenager. He began playing guitar in high school and went to college for music at Western State. After the birth of his daughter, he decided to start a record label (Rudaroo Records) and build a recording studio but knew he still had much to learn about the business. This is when he discovered The Recording Radio and Film Connection and started going to audio/engineering school through them. Rudolph explains. "The Recording Radio Film Connection sets up students with one on one mentorships in real studios: film studios, recording studios, radio stations. Instead of a classroom type setting, you're actually learning hands on in a professional environment. No matter where you are they pretty much have someone or several people in every major city in the United States [to help]."
It wasn't long after that Rudolph received an email from one of the RRFC counselors regarding the David Lynch Foundation. " I got an email from one of the counselors from Recording Radio and Film Connection letting me know that the David Lynch foundation was looking for some interns. I went through an interview process, then they decided to work with me. We didn't know exactly what I was going to do but I was definitely going to do something. Since I have my own online radio show, they had me go out and interview some bands. After I showed them a few of the interviews, they went ahead and offered me my own 29 minute show on Transcend Radio."
Rudolph already had somewhat of a proven track record prior to his involvement with the Foundation. But what about those who have the interest and the talent but are just starting out? To those hopefuls, Rudolph has this to say, "First of all, you have to know what the foundation is about and what they do. You need to know something about David Lynch, his process of thinking, possibly. He uses Transcendental Meditation to try to help everyone with the stress of their lives. He donates money to Veterans of PTSD, Children in Africa, a whole slew of great, great causes. You can always check them out at To get in just be really involved with the scene, be present, be in the moment. Be proactive."
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