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article imageWatch Wendy's customer lose it over cheese on his burger

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 18, 2013 in Internet
Watch a Wendy's customer go ballistic over cheese in his hamburger in a video first uploaded to YouTube on Saturday by another customer who filmed the incident.
The video shows the angry customer cursing and yelling, shaking and banging his fist and thrusting an aggressive finger at the Wendy's worker: "I need my money back and I want it fast. Is there cheese in hamburger? There is no cheese in hamburger. When you have a cheeseburger you have a cheeseburger, when you have hamburger you have a hamburger."
It is not certain what the employee, who certainly did not prepare the order, said in response, but the customer continues ranting:
"I want my money back, I want my money back now, and I want it fast. There’s not even bacon on this, there’s not onion on this — there’s not anything that I asked for. This is so incompetent. "
His agitation grows as he rants: "I am losing my s*** because this happened the past three times I've come. Please be competent for once in your life. Once. Take an order and fill it. G*dd*m**t!"
He is not content even after receiving his money back. He yells as the employee who, apparently fearing an attack, shuts the window quickly: "G****mm*t, I paid more than this, I want ten bucks you G** d*mn sons of b***es, G** damn sons of b****es."
He finally stalks off into the night.
According to the Huffington Post, Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch, in an email, described the incident as "unfortunate situation," saying: "We stress quality food and order accuracy in every restaurant. When we make a mistake, we try to fix it as quickly as possible. It appears the crew person apologized for the mistake and refunded the customer’s money."
The YouTuber who apparently filmed the incident praised the Wendy's employee: "Props to the hard working folks at Wendy's for showing restraint when this whack job loses his mind over a wrong order."
The video is the latest in an apparent trend of customers attacking fast-food chain workers over trivial service issues. A video surfaced recently showing a customer launching a vicious verbal assault on Dunkin' Donuts employees after they failed to issue a receipt with her order. The employee involved apologized and told the customer she could get her order free the next time she visits.
The video (see above) shows 27-year-old Florida woman Taylor Chapman at the outlet the next day, verbally assaulting staff as she demanded free food. The irony of the case is that Chapman personally filmed herself misbehaving grossly and posted the video to Facebook bragging about it: "Hi Facebook, this is what you have to do in life, it f*****g sucks. Blow my brains out."
Rather than earn approval for standing up for her rights, as it appears she imagined, the video earned the Dunkin' Donut staff respect of thousands of viewers. Chapman only succeeded in portraying herself as ill-mannered, ignorant and stupid.
She threatens the staff, saying: "This is all being under video surveillance, OK?"
Although the employee did not know about the incident that happened the previous day, he serves her after she said she had been told she could get her order free. While berating the employee who was serving her she spied the one she had a spat with the previous day and attacked her in a shamefully racist tirade: "Well, guess what? This s**t’s about to go live, b***h. Right on Facebook. Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy with your little f****g sand n****r self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole f****g planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough."
Consumerist's advise to dissatisfied customers after the rash of videos showing customers abusing fast-food outlet employees: "Kill’em with kindness. Being calm, reasonable and polite will get you a lot farther in life, and likely won’t result in a video of you acting like a total butthead going viral on the Interwebs."
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