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Bear gets its head stuck in a jar for 11 days

By Jonathan Lam     Jun 15, 2013 in Odd News
Jamison - Four Pennsylvania residents teamed up and attempted to free a bear that has its head stuck in a plastic jar of cooking oil for at least 11 days.
On June 3rd, residents living in the local area noticed a 100 pound bear wandering around with a jar over its head. The bear seemed to be attracted to the jar because it contained cooking oil.
Mike Jurbala saw the bear Thursday night as he was leaving the bar at the Jamison City Hotel. He called Jeff Hubler, a local employee of the state Game Commission who had been among those trying to capture it for days with a lasso.
The two teamed up with Morgan Laskowski, the bartender at the Jamison City Hotel, and her mother Jody Boyle who is the bar owner.
With only ropes and flashlights, the four members of the bear rescuing team chased the bear around the area. The frightened but powerful bruin fell into a swimming pool at least twice during the ordeal, according to a report Saturday in the Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg. But the group eventually cornered the bear in a resident's back yard and yanked the jar off its head.
"You knew where he was because you could hear him banging into things," Jurbala said.
"You'd think the bear would be weak, because it hadn't eaten or drunk for a week, but it was strong," Boyle said.
It is strongly advised that locals throw away their jars with the lids on to prevent this from happening again.
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