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article imageThousands of Egyptian Islamists endorse call for Syrian Jihad

By Paul Iddon     Jun 15, 2013 in Politics
Thousands of Islamists have converged on the Egyptian capital Cairo supporting the call by Sunni clerics of the Muslim Brotherhood to wage a holy war against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad.
The Daily Star Lebanon and the Jerusalem Post report that a demonstration took place outside a Cairo mosque. Inside a Saudi preacher named Mohammed al-Oreifi called for a "jihad in the cause of Allah in Syria," saying his congregation should "unite against their enemy."
The Sunni Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt deride the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad given its secular and quasi-Shiite character. They also fear Iranian influence in the region. When Iran's Hezbollah proxy in Lebanon, itself a Shiite militia, intervened in Syria on the side of Assad the anti-Shiite fervor in country's like Egypt was stepped up a notch.
Sunni clerics have in the last few days called for a holy war against what they call the "sectarian" regime ruling Syria. They issued a statement outlining their beliefs and why they feel justified in calling for a holy war, they stated that, "We must undertake jihad to help our brothers in Syria by sending them money and arms, and providing all aid to save the Syrian people from this sectarian regime."
They called the Iranian regime and Hezbollah's backing of Assad "flagrant aggression" and said their actions in Syria constitute "a declaration of war against Islam and Muslims."
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