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article imageSarah Palin tweets she hopes someone 'flattens' Bill Maher

By Eric Morales     Jun 13, 2013 in Politics
Las Vegas - The tweet comes after a conservative writer claims he heard Bill Maher call Palin's son "retarded" during his Vegas stand up act.
Former Alaskan Governor, and one time Vice President nominee Sarah Palin resorted to wishing physical violence against comedian Bill Maher, after the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher allegedly made a joke about her disabled son Trig.
"Hey bully, on behalf of all kids whom you hatefully mock in order to make yourself feel big, I hope one flattens your lily white wimpy a--." Palin wrote to Maher on Twitter.
Sarah Palin continued her angry response to Bill Maher on Twitter, this time offering a personal challenge.
"I'm in your neck of the woods this weekend, little Bill. Care to meet so I can tell you how I really feel?" Sarah Palin wrote.
The controversy all stems from an allegation by Ron Futrell, a writer for the conservative website Breitbart News. Futrell says he attended Bill Maher's stand up comedy show in Las Vegas, while in attendance, Bill Maher allegedly referred to Sarah Palin's son Trig as retarded. Trig Palin, who is 5-years-old, suffers from down syndrome.
Screen Capture of Palin s tweet
Screen Capture of Palin's tweet
Ron Futrell, who also has a special needs child, told a Las Vegas newspaper that he wasn't surprised by Maher's alleged joke.
"It didn’t surprise me that Maher said it," he told the paper. "It surprised me that a lot of people laughed at that joke." Ron Futrell told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Ron Futrell has stated he was so outraged and upset at the insult against Sarah Palin and her disabled son that he has forgotten what the joke actually was.
"Maher chose to make a joke about Palin’s son, Trig and in the process he used the “R” word to describe this 5 year old special needs boy," he wrote on his blog. "Of course, since Trig is Palin’s son, he is a target of the left. Special needs be damned, there are jokes to be made by “caring compassionate” liberals. I was so disgusted and a bit surprised that I forgot the exact joke," Ron Futrell continued. "Perhaps he saves this joke for live audiences only. The audience of more supposed compassionate, caring leftists loved the joke and roared with laughter."
Futrell was escorted out of the show, but it wasn't over the joke about Trig. However Ron Futrell began taunting Bill Maher following a joke the comedian made about Halliburton.
"Halliburton, its 2013." Ron Futrell repeatedly yelled at Bill Maher.
Bill Maher is currently in the middle of a residency at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.
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