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In social TV growth, preparation for new viewer behaviors emerge

By Michael Krebs     Jun 13, 2013 in Internet
As the prospects for significant growth in social TV activity abound, some early research results are helping television broadcasters and social media firms prepare for new audience behaviors.
Marketers accustomed to operating across multi-platform channels have been buzzing about the prospects for social TV for some time, and it now appears that the confluence of television and social media is beginning to yield some early research findings on audience behaviors. The observed patterns taken by television viewers who are active on social media networks appear to be shaping the preparations from television broadcasters and from the social media environments that are amplifying consumer sentiment on TV programming.
The most obvious example of the preparation underway from Facebook can be found in their incorporation of hash-tags. Twitter is the current social media venue of choice among television users, and Facebook believes the hash-tag offers a social TV shoe-in.
“95% of live TV conversation currently happens on Twitter,” states Twitter's company blog.
However, according to Lost Remote, Twitter is referring to public chatter versus the closed private conversations that represent the majority of Facebook's user activity.
Similarly, research from the TV side of the social TV equation has reflected some interesting findings. According to AdWeek, reality television receives tweets during the course of the programming - whereas scripted television programming is not tweeted until after the show has ended.
The study, conducted by the Council for Research Excellence, examined the social TV behaviors of 6,000 television viewers.
Yet, while television executives are interested to understand the crossroads of social media activity and television viewing habits, according to the AdWeek report the CRE study concluded: "promotion is still the strongest reason to watch a new program."
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