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Fathers may be able to feel their baby's movement with new belt

By Jonathan Lam     Jun 12, 2013 in Technology
Huggies has created a new invention that allows the fathers to experience and feel just what it is like to have a baby kicking in the mother's stomach.
Fathers sometimes feel frustrated having to deal with their pregnant wives that are constantly on an emotional roller coaster. Huggies new invention offers them a chance to experience the positive and joyful side of pregnancy.
After four months of working with the Ogilvy & Mather ad agency in Argentina, Huggies has developed a belt that allows the father to feel the movements of his baby while it is in the mother's stomach.
Strapping on one belt to the father and another to the mother, the mother's belt detects the baby’s movements and transfers the sensations to the dad's belt. Therefore the dads can get the surreal experience of feeling his child moving around and his baby kicking.
As technology progresses towards the future, people are given the chance to experience things that they cannot possible experience in their lifetimes.
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