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article imageAlex Jones: Taking over mainstream news

By Alex Allen     Jun 9, 2013 in Politics
Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones has made it very clear that if he is invited on a mainstream program, he will take it over.
Alex Jones gained both support and criticism when he made his historic appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight and screamed "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!" He went on to talk over Piers Morgan, interrupt him, and even mock his British accent; but that was not the first or the last time Jones has appeared on mainstream television and completely taken over.
In 2011, after actor Charlie Sheen appeared on Alex Jones' radio show and ranted about his lifestyle choices, Jones was invited on ABC's The View to discuss Sheen. Although Alex briefly discussed Charlie Sheen as the producers of the show had planned, he quickly went off on a tangent and started talking about 9/11, Building 7, the TSA, and the Federal Reserve and yelled out the name of his website several times.
Now, Jones has appeared once again on mainstream television, this time in the UK. On Sunday, he appeared on BBC to discuss the Bilderberg Meeting, which he is currently in the UK to cover and protest. His appearance here was no different than his previous mainstream appearances as he started talking over the host and the other guest and angrily demanding that what he was saying about the Bilderberg Group was the truth.
Although Alex has previously said on The Howard Stern Show that he prefers to stay in Texas and do his own show as opposed to going out and confronting people in the mainstream, he does appear to have a clear agenda when it comes to his mainstream appearances; take over.
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