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article imageElectric passenger bus in Geneva can be charged in 15 seconds

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 9, 2013 in Technology
The news about electric vehicles keeps getting better and among the latest is a bus soon to be deployed in Geneva that can be flash-charged in 15 seconds. That's less than the time it takes for passengers to get on and off the bus at a stop.
It's a 135 passenger bus and not only can it electrically charge enough along its route to do its entire route, during its stopover at the end of the route, charging stations can quickly, and fully, charge the bus to help with the return trip.
The international company that has developed the electric bus and vehicle-charging techniques is ABB and they are callng their system 'flash-charging'. They say their electric buses won't need to charge at every stop, but every 3 or 4. Charging stops/statons will be placed at needed intervals along the way.
In a press release announcing the technology, ABB said they'll use a newly-developed "flash-charging mechanism" and it will happen automatically. The acting chief technology officer for the company, Claes Rytoft, said they will test the project on a line running from the Geneva airport into the city. He said this technology is leading the way to a cheaper and more efficient service that does not impact the environment.
“Through flash charging, we are able to pilot a new generation of electric buses for urban mass transport that no longer relies on overhead lines,” Rytoft said. “This project will pave the way for switching to more flexible, cost-effective, public transport infrastructure while reducing pollution and noise.”
ABB has electric vehicle charging systems in countries all over the world.
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