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Paralyzed woman finds a way to experience surfing

By Jonathan Lam     Jun 7, 2013 in Odd News
Being paralyzed strips away many sporting activities that people may wish to take part in, but will never be able to. With a helping hand, a paralyzed woman discovers a way to surf the roaring waves.
Pascale Honore is an Australian woman who has been sitting on a wheelchair for 18 years due to paraplegia. Pascale has two sons and says that she loves watching them surf the waves just outside of town. Lusting to ride it herself but knowing the fact that she could never do it was what bothered Pascale the most.
But thanks to a professional diver and also a dear friend of her sons, Tyron Swan came up with a plan.
“We were just sitting around one night having a few beers when I thought, "yeah, I reckon I could surf with Pascale on my back’,” Tyron Swan says.
And with that, Tyron Swan followed through with his plan. Utilizing just a simple K mart backpack with leg holes cut in them and some duct tape, Swan was able to strap Pascale onto his back as he shreds the waves.
Pascale has just experienced what is now called 'Duct Tape Surfing". Being handicapped does limit us from many activities in this society. But with a helping hand and the good hearts in people, what use to seem impossible just may become possible.
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