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article imageForty foreign predatory rapists arrested in London

By Alexander Baron     Jun 7, 2013 in Crime
London - London may be one of the world's major financial centres, but it is also a haven for predators of the worst possible sort, according to the Metropolitan Police.
Last year there were around 260,000 suspects arrested in London, according to the Metropolitan Police. It is not clear how many of these were repeat offenders nor how many were totally innocent, but although that sounds a large number it is probably not that large when one considers the size of London and the fact that the capital is a magnet for crime: serious, trivial and victimless.
Of these 260,000, no fewer than 70,000 are said to be foreign nationals, which is surely excessive. Far worse though is the fact that a small percentage of these offenders are not opportunists or small fry but dedicated predators, including no less than 40 "predatory rapists", ie men cut from the same cloth as Antoni Imiela and Night Stalker Delroy Grant.
Last November, the Metropolitan Police announced Operation Nexus, an initiative partnered with the Border Agency in order to make London's streets safer. The Border Agency has since been split into an immigration service and an immigration law enforcement division; it is currently in transition. For years if not decades, the UK has been seen as a soft touch by all manner of bogus asylum seekers including on occasion wanted terrorists, in which connection the name Abū Qatāda warrants a mention. Anyone who protested against this abuse of asylum would be shouted down as racist, or silenced by other means. It may be though that the penny has finally dropped. Prime Minister Cameron has two young daughters, and the thought of one of them being snatched off the street by some sexual predator who shouldn't be here in the first place will probably motivate him as much as any other consideration to bring a new realism to a generation and more of disastrous laissez-faire immigration.
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