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article imageOp-Ed: At last, the BBC reports Bilderberg

By Alexander Baron     Jun 6, 2013 in Politics
Watford - At one time only "conspiracy theorists", bigots and cranks mentioned the Bilderberg Group. Now, surprise, surprise, even the BBC is curious.
This afternoon, the BBC lunch time new sent one of its reporters from the regional London programme to Watford to get the lowdown on the Bilderberg Group, which is currently meeting there. She wasn't allowed in, but spoke to a press officer at the gate. Although the BBC has reported on Bilderberg before, this appears to be the first time a regular news programme has taken note of it.
In September 2005, the BBC World Service spoke to insider Etienne Davignon who dismissed the claim that Bilderberg was part of a secret world government. Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?
Bilderberg was first exposed by A.K. Chesterton way back in the 1960s. In the 1970s, the runaway bestseller None Dare Call It Conspiracy brought the machinations of Bilderberg and other global manipulators to the attention of a wider audience.
Predictably, these and other authors were derided as cranks, bigots and the like, when it was possible to ignore them no longer. Surprise, surprise then that the BBC referred to those protesting outside the gathering as pro-democracy protesters. Is this one-off, or have even the people at Auntie Beeb realised that the current era of austerity has been manufactured, and is now being exploited by the world's most powerful banksters and their political dupes for their own ends?
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