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article imageReview: Serial murder in the soaps Special

By Alexander Baron     Jun 6, 2013 in Entertainment
Serial killers are generally men of above average intelligence and often loners. In the real world, but not in soap fantasy land.
No one could call Cameron in Emmerdale a man of above average intelligence, and loafer Karl in Coronation Street is definitely a bit on the dull side. They are neither of them serial killers, yet, but give them time. It may take Romeo Cameron a bit of time to find his third victim, but if shopkeeper Dev doesn't watch his back in Coronation Street, he may be the next person Karl sends to the pearly gates.
Karl's previous two victims were both women, but he is no sex killer. His first victim was a lady firefighter whose death was not intended, but he did set the fire in which she perished, and it is unlikely the police would see her death as anything but murder one - as our American cousins say.
His next victim was his former mistress/Dev's wife Sunita, who was dispatched in her hospital bed, a matter of necessity. Having covered his tracks and framed the dead woman for the fire, Karl was in the clear. Except for one man in denial - and the scriptwriters, of course.
Having been framed for arson and in effect the murder of a firefighter  Sunita Alahan is about to be...
Having been framed for arson and in effect the murder of a firefighter, Sunita Alahan is about to be murdered as she lies in her hospital bed, but will the truth out?
Publicity still
Although the police have closed their investigation, Dev won't give up, and it looks like he is getting too close for comfort. Not that he suspects Karl, but if it can be shown Sunita didn't set the fire, Karl's apparently rock solid alibi won't stand up for long. At least that is how he obviously sees it, so Dev had better not turn his back on Karl. Oops, he has, literally. What will happen next? We'll find out soon enough.
In Emmerdale, Cameron has likewise killed his first victim in what might have been construed as manslaughter, but then he confessed to a fellow villager, unnecessarily, murdered him and buried him in the woods. Unfortunately, the land changed hands, and the new owner was planning to...guess. Somehow Cameron managed to move the decomposing body and it looks like he is now in the clear, but this is a man on a short fuse, who knows when he will snap and kill again, perhaps for fun next time?
Obviously this is all very exciting for viewers, it is also far less unedifying than some of the social engineering that has been going on in the soaps for some considerable time.
Over in EastEnders we see teen Lauren going right off the rails as her drinking gets out of control. There is also some criminal damage and maybe worse on the way. And let's not talk about the sexual issues of some of the characters in these programmes, nor their drug habits.
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