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article imageTexas father Tasered by police while trying to save son in fire

By Eric Morales     Jun 5, 2013 in Crime
San Antonio - A Texas family claims that San Antonio used a Taser on the boy's father as he tried to rescue his son, who died in the blaze.
Relatives say the father of an 8-month-old boy was tased by San Antonio police as he tried to save his son from the blaze Newsmax reported. The infant boy died in the fire.
The fire caused an estimated $90,000 in damaged and trapped five adults and three children in the blaze, they escaped but an 8-month-old child named Darion was not as fortunate.
“Everybody was asleep,” said Sasha Wallace, one of the adults who escaped from the home. Speaking concerning the other children in the blaze she said they are “terrified, scared and don't know what to do.”
Conflicting reports have emerged as to whether or not Odell Wallace the father of 8-month-old Darion tried to enter the home before or after his infant sons body was discovered. San Antonio police say that once the scene was secured and being processed Wallace tried to enter the home. Wallace's relatives say he was trying to save his son, when he was shot with a taser gun by San Antonio police.
The young boy's grandparents recalled how they had tried to save his grandson.
"I busted this door in, and couldn't get through to save my grand baby, but if I would have got him, I would have gave my life for him", grandmother Barbara Miller said.
Darion's grandfather who is retired from the U.S. Army said he had no idea that his 8-month-old grandson and his 3-year-old granddaughter were still inside.
"When my wife first was trying to break this door down, she thought my son was in there also, and that they were both asleep," Odell Miller stated.
The 8-month-old had just learned how to crawl and was loved by his many cousins who attended a vigil for him outside the burnt out home, weeping loudly.
According to KEN5 San Antonio police stated the father was tased for his own safety. The fire is under investigation.
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