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article imageOp-Ed: Ford crack tape, Ford crack tape, wherefore art thou, crack tape?

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 5, 2013 in Politics
With yesterday's news that the alleged crack tape allegedly showing Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine has gone missing, allegedly, one wonders where it is. Did the alleged owners destroy it? Did they sell it? Did the police seize it?
Perhaps before going any further we might dispel any notion that it may never have existed. It existed, despite no one here at this news outlet having seen it, because to suggest otherwise is to suggest that two seasoned, very reputable Toronto Star reporters, each of whom have covered Ford extensively, are flat-out lying.
Now whether Rob Ford was the man in it, or it was someone who looked and sounded like Mr. Ford cannot be said with certainty. There could also have been technical shenanigans to the creating of the video that placed Ford there when he wasn't, but again given the testimony of the two reporters, not to mention John Cook of Gawker, those scenarios are unlikely. Further, the fallout from the tape at Ford's office is hard to ignore, as is the fact his former chief-of-staff Mark Towhey, said Ford told staff he knew where the tape was.
And whether it is crack cocaine is an issue, it could be tobacco, I guess. As Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, said at the beginning of all this: "How can you indicate what the person is actually doing or smoking?" Morris, who seemed to be admitting the video's existence, is right. You can't be certain what is being smoked but getting familiar with the account of what Star reporters Donovan and Doolittle saw, it's apparent something that causes a high is being imbibed. Easy to deny but hard to make that denial ring true.
Look, it is easy to say the left-wing liberal pinko media - imagine being so naive as to call the in-the-overall-scheme-of-things conservative Toronto Star such names - made up the video, or that their reporters are lying. But to continue with the Shakespeare theme used in the title, the Bard said it best when he said "what are they to Rob Ford or Rob Ford to they that they should become lying bleeps for him?"
Crack cocaine tape: it must be somewhere
So the question indeed becomes - where it is? It's unlikely the people who showed it to the reporters and Cook lost it, or accidentally erased it, or destroyed it. Yeah, they could have figured the cops were coming for it and deleted it but given their brazenness to film it in the first place and then try and sell it, how likely is that?
The go-between who had set Cook of Gawker up to watch the video simply told him that it was now "gone". Not lost, not erased, "gone." Now if they sold it to a media outlet we'd likely have heard of that by now and may have viewed it, though it's possible a media outlet did buy it and are doing their legal due-diligence before releasing it.
But given that Gawker had a campaign going to come up with $200,000 to buy the video, one would have to assume that any media who bought it would have had to pay a figure in that neighborhood. That's not likely, not in Canada. Were it the mayor of a major American city, maybe so, but recouping that kind of money would not be easily done in Canada.
Could Ford, or police, have crack cocaine video?
Could Rob Ford have bought it? I thought that may be the case, largely because on Friday, May 24 at his press conference to address the video, he was most unconvincing. He said he wasn't an addict and didn't smoke crack, but he did not say he had never smoked crack. He said he couldn't comment on a video that he had not seen or that may not exist. He did not say "it doesn't exist because I have never smoked crack or any drugs with men of this description, or anyone, so there can be no video of my doing so."
Then two days later, on his radio program with brother Doug Ford, he was more definitive about a video not existing. Could he, in the interim, have himself bought, or arranged to have purchased, the video? On closer thought that seemed unlikely. It would be a massive risk and the money trail would be easy enough to follow.
Towhey, and others, have said that Ford told his office that he knew where the video was, and gave out that address, and Towhey passed on that information to the police, so it seems likely the police now have the video. They would not announce they had it, they're in the midst of a murder investigation and think the video might have a connection to that. They will keep it quiet for as long as they need to.
The point of all this is that the video will turn up eventually. It will be used in a case against Mr. Ford, or against the makers of the video, against a murderer or murderers, against someone, or multiple someones, sometime, and we will see it. Eventually we will. It seems inevitable such will be the case. That is my opinion, not necessarily that of anyone else at Digital Journal, or anyone else on the planet.
But I'm right, you'll see.
There will forever be the smug members of the Ford Nation to prattle on about how the Toronto Star is trying to take Rob Ford down - like he'd need help with that - and how it's all a giant, left-wing conspiracy. Even when the video comes out many will stick with Rob Ford. They will stick with him as he walks out the door of city hall for the very last time.
He's going, it's coming, and soon.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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