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article imageOp-Ed: In defense of the crazies: Its not theory anymore, its fact

By Eric Morales     Jun 4, 2013 in Politics
We're not talking Elvis lives here, we are talking cold hard facts that not everything we are told is actually the truth.
I was born on the 25th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Ever since I learned I share a birthday with the same day as a beloved president's murder in Dallas, the circumstances have always fascinated me. For much of my life, like many others, I thought that John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman on the sixth floor of the Dallas School Book Depository.
However, much like many others, when I peered deeper into the mystery my eyes were opened. It begged the question that so many others have asked once they undergo this eye opening experience:
"If they lied about this? Are they lying about everything else?"
For this curious search of the truth, this nagging inability to accept the 'official story,' we are called conspiracy theorists, nuts and crazies. In 2013, it is no longer viable to chalk our beliefs up to mere theories by people who are mentally unstable and unwilling to let go.
Some people think Elvis Presley is alive, that they have great uncles who have seen him pumping gas in Memphis. That Paul McCartney isn't the original Paul McCartney. Yet, they have no facts, nothing that the span of time has proven. This is what separates conspiracy theory from conspiracy fact.
There are a number of facts that prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was either a patsy, not acting alone in the murder of President Kennedy, and that the death of John F. Kennedy was not just a murder in and of itself, but part of a larger conspiracy. Here I will expound upon just ten:
#1. The holes in President Kennedy's clothes are too low for the actual bullet trajectory mentioned in the single bullet theory. Further more the nick in President Kennedy's tie is facing inward, not outward, as if a bullet fired from behind the President exited his throat.
#2. The jacket of one of the bullet fragments that was reportedly recovered from the President's limousine is peeled backward 180 degrees and folded almost flat. One edge of this folded section literally forms a razor edge. Firearms and ballistics expert, Howard Donahue, noted it was highly unlikely that such a sharp edge could have been fashioned as the bullet traveled through the skull and cranial tissue. It is more likely the fragment came from a bullet that struck the street. Several witnesses reported seeing a bullet strike the street while the limousine was near or beneath the oak tree on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza.
#3. President Kennedy's neck X-rays show bullet fragments inconsistent with the magic bullet theory. If a bullet had struck above Kennedy's shoulder blades and exited his throat a large wound would have resulted. However, doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital note a small wound in President Kennedy's throat before his tracheotomy.
#4. The Clark Panel was a group of medical experts approved by Attorney Ramsey Clark in 1967 that looked into the Kennedy assassination. They concluded a high velocity bullet had struck President Kennedy in the head. However, Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of using a low to medium velocity rifle.
#5. James Tague, standing near the triple underpass in Dealey Plaza, was grazed by a projectile during the shooting and suffered a visible cut on his face. It is possible what hit Tague was a piece of concrete that flew up into the air after the curb was hit by a bullet. It's important to note that James Tague was standing in front of President Kennedy's limousine, nearly 200 feet away from JFK. Is it possible the bullet which caused a fatal head wound to Kennedy continued on and strucked Tague, probably not.
#6. A fingerprint in the Texas School Book Depository, did not match Lee Harvey Oswald.
#7. Photos of Kennedy's limousine reveal there was a deep dent in the chrome above and slightly to the left of the rear view mirror. Proving that at least four shots were fired, not three.
#8. The Zapruder film shows that again at least four shots were fired, not three.
#9. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a marksman. In the United States Marine Corps he scored 191, barely earning the lower designation of marksman, the lowest level of designated shooter in 1959.
#10. Eye witness testimony from Lee Bowers, William and Gayle Newman, as well as Jesse Price, has placed shots coming from the grassy knoll.
Why is any of this important? The answer is obvious, if the U.S. government has lied for over four decades about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy what else are they lying about?
Of course, preposterous theories do creep into the discussion of current events, such as remote controlled airplanes hit the World Trade Center, or that President Obama has an alien Secret Service agent.
However, what separates the absurd from the truth is facts, and the fact of the matter is the U.S. government has lied to get us into war, why would they tell the truth about anything else? Those who don't accept the official line, after all history has shown, aren't crazy but diligent, refusing to believe a lie, and refusing to allow a lie to prosper. Because in the end, the truth truly does set us all free.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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