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In Guangzhou you may be able to only keep your car for 10 years

By Jonathan Lam     Jun 4, 2013 in Technology
Guangzhou - With a population of 12.7 million, Guangzhou is the largest city of Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. Now this city is deciding whether to let their drivers keep their cars for only 10 years.
Traffic and air pollution are two big problems Guangzhou faces today. Having its citizens walk the streets wearing N95 mask to protect themselves from the poor air quality does not make this city very appealing.
As a result, the city is planning to only let their drivers keep their license plates for ten years. When the ten years is up, the government will collect your license plate and enter it in what they call a city-wide lottery. Each year Guangzhou gives out approximately 120,000 new license plate, you would have to register in the lottery and get yourself a new license plate in order to drive your vehicle. If however the driver's vehicle has a engine greater than 2.5 liters, he or she would not qualify in participating in the lottery. Instead they would have to buy a license plate at an auction.
According to China Car Times "This is basically equivalent to telling a car owner he has to scrap his car in 10 years. This contradicts the government’s recent policy to cancel the mandatory limit on scrapping a car,” automotive industry expert Jin Xinguang told the China National Radio (CNR).
Shanghai on the other hand deals with their traffic control and air population in a different manner. The average price for a Shanghai license plate cost about 75,000 yuan, equivalent to 12,000 U.S dollars.
Getting plates outside Shanghai is a less appealing option. The city doesn't allow vehicles registered elsewhere on its elevated highways during rush hours.
By rocketing up the prices for plates and making it such a hassle to acquire, these cities hope that the traffic flow will decrease and air quality will increase in the future.
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