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article imageOp-Ed: Here we go again — False flag at Woolwich

By Alexander Baron     Jun 4, 2013 in World
Woolwich - Is there any politically motivated outrage that is not orchestrated by the government or some secret department within it? Apparently not.
Nothing that appears below is to be taken as commenting on the guilt or otherwise of the two men who have now been charged with the murder of Lee Rigby. In English law they are entitled to the presumption of innocence however damning the evidence against them may appear, including their own pronouncements.
With that caveat in mind, let us turn to what the crazies on the grassy knoll are saying. If you are either too young or too wet behind the ears to make the connection, this is a reference to the Kennedy Assassination of November 1963. The man who killed the President, Lee Harvey Oswald, was apprehended within two hours of the shooting, by which time he had more blood on his hands. The case against him was and remains absolutely overwhelming, but such has been the conspiracy mongering and lurid fantasising about the events of that tragic day that even now a significant percentage of people throughout the world dismiss the official record in favour of their pet theory or such.
The assassination of Lee Rigby - for that is what it was - has much in common with the events of November 22, 1963 with the significant difference that Oswald did not wait around for the cameras. In spite of this, within days, if not hours, cyberspace including YouTube was flooded with bizarre analyses of the death of Lee Rigby. Go to the YouTube site and key in the words WOOLWICH FALSE FLAG and see what comes up, but here are some of the more bizarre of the most bizarre theories currently going the rounds:
The car crash was staged.
The murder was staged.
The killers were really actors.
And so on. Presumably this is all part of a dastardly plot used as a pretext to pass laws turning Britain into a police state. Like we're not living in one already? How can people peddle such nonsense? If nothing else, have they no human decency? Here is a very partial explanation. This video, currently captioned RAW FOOTAGE THREE DEAD BODIES LYING ON THE STREET OF WOOLWICH 22/05/2013 indicates how innocent misinformation can be spread.
As is evident from the title, this is raw footage. Shortly after the horrific murder of Lee Rigby, the two alleged attackers ran towards armed police and were both shot several times. In view of what happened to the unarmed Mark Duggan in August 2011, and of the number of rounds fired, it was logical for a casual observer to believe both these men had been killed.
So when the accused appear in court, they must be imposters, right? As stated, this is a very partial explanation, most of the people spreading lies and nonsense about Woolwich are not innocent disseminators but guilty cranks and worse.
Now it is true that we can't trust the government, politicians lie to us all the time, but even the most corrupt, untrustworthy politician is more trustworthy that these conspiridiots because in theory at any rate they are held to account if not by Parliament or by the press then by the public who can boot them out at the end of their tenure. Holding idiots to account is considerably more difficult, especially as exposing their nonsense makes you - in their eyes - part of the plot as well.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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