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article imageOp-Ed: Baseball, a fan's journal of when the Giants won the World Series Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Jun 1, 2013 in Entertainment
San Francisco - No doubt about it, local author Joseph Sutton is a San Francisco Giants fan. "The Years The Giants Won The Series: A Fan's Journal of the 2012 and 2010 World Series Season," is his second book on the subject.
To say Sutton is an avid baseball fan (and a former LA Dodger's fan) might be an understatement of his admiration for the SF Giants themselves. For as he states, "'who’d a thunk' the San Francisco Giants would win two World Series titles in three years?" And as he as he points out, "after the team moved from New York to San Francisco in 1958, it took them 53 years to win their first title in 2010."
This past May 13, Sutton read some excerpts from his latest book to a gathering at Green Arcade Bookstore on Market Street . Owner, Patrick Marks, was pleased. "Lots of families showed up," he said, "we had a great time." The author of over a dozen books, Sutton strives to express the best and deepest of his feelings and understandings to an audience that listens. Sutton also reaches out to an audience that enjoys pondering on various aspects of life, especially simply joys like baseball.
Baseball and the SF Giants, this not only fascinates Sutton it enthralls him. He ponders in the book, "how a collection of castoffs in 2010 and a young bunch of ballplayers in 2012 took the Giants to the pinnacle of the baseball world against all odds." This Sutton considers remarkable and is something he wanted to write down. This book is also interwoven with the story of how baseball has influenced Sutton’s relationship with his son, Ray, and how it enhances the importance the game plays in cementing relationships between fathers and sons, and some daughters too.
Being a parent is something that Sutton, a long-time West Portal District resident, takes very seriously. "My son is a big part of my life," said Sutton. "I have bonded with him in many ways, especially in athletics." Sutton not only went to school games but also helped coach school and team games Ray played in. "That adds up to a lot of games," he said. He admitted that he simply volunteered as coach "just so I could be with him, to see his progress and help Ray if he needed it."
Also from his years as a teacher Sutton knows, "What does it take to be a dad today?" "It takes great patience," he noted. In previous chats and interviews with Sutton for the Westside Observer, West Portal Monthly, and Sunset Beacon, this reporter remembers how dedicated he was when it had to do with teaching. His novel, "A Class of Leaders," details his experiences as a teacher in the late 1960s in South Central Los Angeles. "A teacher's job is to help inspire students and to help them think critically and independently." He also said that teachers are not "baby-sitters, with the only aim to ensure students get high test scores." He reiterated that students must think critically and independently for themselves. This is also something he has worked to instill in his son, Ray, who inspired the book from last year, "Father and Son: Thirty Years of Growing up Together."
Here again, Sutton illustrated not only the joys and honor of fatherhood, but also a shared love of baseball. "Wonderful book," said John Rothmann of KGO AM talk radio. "It’s not just the celebration of the San Francisco Giants’ climb to win the World Series, it’s also the celebration of being a father and a son." Besides Rothmann, Sutton's latest book has received over a dozen accolades, one claiming that she missed her flight at San Diego Airport. “I was so engrossed reading," said artist Ann Walker. Just like Green Arcade Bookstore owner Marks, Bookshop West Portal manager Kevin Atkin is pleased to have Sutton's book in his shop.
Summer and baseball definitely go together and "The Years The Giants Won the Series: A Fan's Journal..." debuts at the right time just as the summer is beginning.
For more information about Sutton's latest book, visit his website. The book can be purchased at Green Arcade Books, located on Market and Gough Streets, and also at Bookshop West Portal on West Portal Avenue in San Francisco. Call 415-564-8080 for details.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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