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New phone app claims it can cure homosexuality in 60 days

By Jonathan Lam     Jun 1, 2013 in Odd News
People use apps to entertain themselves or as a tool to aid them in their jobs. There is one odd app that claims it can cure homosexuality within 60 days.
The website Setting Captives Free has created an app called "Door of Hope". This app was put onto Google Play and Apple iTunes free to all users. Named after a verse from the Old Testament, Setting Captives Free claims that it has created an app that can cure us from not only homosexuality but from all sins as well (Drinking, smoking, pornography, etc.)
The interactive 60-day course called "Door of Hope" purports to teach users how "to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find freedom from homosexuality."
But just within 24 hours, Apple iTunes has removed this app because the launch of this application has caused substantial amount of conflict and anger upon the Apple users. However, this app still exist on Google Play, though Google Play claims it is "investigating the complaints made about the app."
Accumulating a 1.5/5 rating on Google Play, comments made about this app were:
"This app is stupid. We are not ill. We're the way we are and we are great human beings."
"I wish I could gives this app no stars, because this is a horrible app, made by sick people, being gay is not a illness, you can't cure it!..."
" As a Christian, I find this app's stance on homosexuality appalling and shameful. That any person, let alone Christian, feels the need to make other people's bedroom activities their business disgusts me on all levels. Google, take this ignorant, hateful tool of harm down ASAP."
A Queerty reader who has gone through the Door of Hope conversion program said:
I was exposed to stories of men that were dealing with issues like pedophilia when I didn't even know (prior to enrolling in the course) what these things were, ironically because of my religious upbringing. They might have changed the structure of the class since I was enrolled (I am now 23 and in college) but at the time I took it there were lessons that said homosexuality was caused by demons, that there was a subculture that exists in the gay community that is a cult that worships male genitalia (I really wish I was making this up. I’m not.), and had graphic descriptions of how anal sex allegedly causes men to lose the ability to hold in feces.
The gist of it is that the course was very traumatic for me and I actually attempted suicide while taking it. The class was interactive and I was assigned a mentor that I communicated with on the phone so it had the effect of being more than something I was just passively reading. He made me report to him every time I masturbated, and if I did masturbate then that was used as blame for my lack of “recovery” and I was encouraged to punish myself by cutting off television, video games, etc. and also wearing a rubber band around my wrist to snap when I had a “homosexual thought.”
There is a campaign that is accumulating supporters to fight against these apps.
The campaign states "Apple and Google have policies against these kinds of apps but so far this one has escaped their notice. Sign now to tell them to drop this and all other gay 'cure' apps!" The campaign's ultimate goal is to have 75,000 supporters (71,007 supporters currently).
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