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Type 2 diabetes drug may cause cancer

By Tim Sandle     Jun 1, 2013 in Health
A doctor in the U.S. has raised concerns about a class of medicines used to treat type 2 diabetes by raising a warning that they could cause pancreatic cancer.
According to the New York Times, research conducted by Dr. Peter C. Butler suggests that the type 2 diabetes drug Januvia could be linked to pancreatic cancer. This follows on from studies conducted by Dr. Butler in rats.
Dr Butlert's study was published in 2008. However, it now stands that regulatory drug agencies are looking into the research more fully. This is also in light of a paper published by Singh, in JAMA Internal Medicine, which concludes that the class of drug "may increase the risk of acute pancreatitis".
The results of Dr. Butler's study have led to both the Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency to begin investigations into Januvia (generic name sitagliptin). The outcome of the investigations may lead to no change to policy or they could lead to new warnings being placed on the drugs.
The manufacturer of the drug, Merck, has challenged Dr. Butler's findings, citing other research which indicates that has found no increased risk of pancreatic disease from taking the drug.
According to [url= t=_blank]The International Herald Tribune, Januvia and its close cousin Janumet enjoyed global sales of $5.7 billion between them in 2012.
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