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Lou Reed survives liver transplant operation

By Richard Mccallum     Jun 1, 2013 in Entertainment
Cleveland - The avante garde composer and glam uberperformer Lou Reed, is resting and convalescing after receiving a life saving operation in which his liver was transplanted
As a godfather of punk rock along with his slightly more frenetic doppelganger Iggy Pop, Reed , 71 explored the dirty dirty underground of the urban nightscape often documenting that complex world in songs that were composed much like mini novels in a similar poetic vein as his former university professor and ultimate mentor Delmore Schwartz.
Reed who since the 60's has been a well traveled road veteran has been suffering a slow onslaught of liver ailments over the last five years according to his wife performance artist Laurie Anderson
"It's as serious as it gets." She said in a recent interview
"He was dying. You don't get it ( a liver transplant) for fun."
Reed first entered the zeitgeist following his university graduation and formation of the legendary Velvet Underground with "Producer" Andy Warhol and later with Glam pioneer and RCA Records label-mate David Bowie.
While concepts like glam, drag, bi and gay may seem everyday and contrite in the 21st century much of the work of these artists broke down the barriers of the "secret closet" for millions around the planet.
"It ( the new liver) worked immediately." said Anderson.
"Every week it gets better, but he will never totally recover from this."
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