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article imageScientists fear 'female Viagra' could make women nymphomaniacs

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 31, 2013 in Health
Fears are being expressed by scientists conducting trials of the new "female viagra," Lybrido, a pill about the size of an aspirin designed to boost female libido, that it could turn women into nymphomaniacs and threaten the "fabric" of stable society.
With the worldwide sales of Viagra now in billions of dollars, scientists have long been anxious to further expand the market by introducing a version for women.
The new female libido booster is currently being developed. Reports say trials have shown it is effective. According to The New York Times, with strong prospects that the drug could be available in the market in the next few years, advisers are expressing concerns that it could prove too effective and that it might be necessary to reduce the potency of the preparation.
Previous efforts to create a female libido booster were not successful and experts soon came to realize that there is a bigger psychological dimension to sexual drive in women than in men. This led to researchers adopting a two-pronged approach. The Dutch firm Emotional Brain finally announced the drug Lybrido, a combination of testosterone and a drug similar to Viagra. The two drugs work in synergy on relevant brain centers to boost both psychic and physical desire for sex.
According to researchers, the viagra-like drug enhances the effect of testosterone on the brain's pleasure centers.
According to Emotional Brain founder Adriaan Tuiten, a trial involving more than 200 women in the US was "very, very promising." He said he began researching the drug in his 20s after his heart was broken by a former girlfriend.
He said the drug makes women want to have sex more often and that they were more likely to experience orgasm after taking the drug. However, some women reportedly suffered side-effects including headaches and flushing of the face and neck.
Tuiten said he believes the drug will be most popular among women in long-term marriage relationships for whom sex with the same partner might have become boringly repetitive.
But with some experts warning that the drug could unleash an army of sex hungry women on mankind, researchers are considering lowering the potency of the drug.
Daniel Bergner, writing in The New York Times, reports that Andre Goldstein, an expert conducting trials in Washington, said: "More than one adviser to the industry told me that companies are worried about the prospect that their study results would be too strong, that the F.D.A. would reject an application out of concern that a chemical would lead to female excesses, crazed binges of infidelity, societal splintering."
The New York Times reports that Goldstein said there has been discussion among experts with many expressing "a bias against — a fear of creating the sexually aggressive woman."
Goldstein said: "You want your effects to be good but not too good … There was a lot of discussion about it by the experts in the room, the need to show that you’re not turning women into nymphomaniacs."
Other experts have expressed skepticism saying that a drug which boosts libido will not address the more fundamental issues of a failing or broken relationship or the stress that modern day women face juggling the responsibilities of motherhood with a professional career.
However, Tuiten argues that up to 43 per cent of women suffer from a low sex drive at some point and that far from turning womenfolk into ravenous nymphomaniacs the drug will only help to sustain more normal levels of sexual desire.
Other experts dismissed the fears noting that similar fears were expressed when birth control pills and methods were being introduced. Some had expressed concerns that with women no longer having to live in fear of unwanted pregnancies female promiscuity might increase.
However, it may be that the fears being expressed by men involved in the project only reflect the male obsession with power and control in heterosexual relationships.
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