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Image generating bionic contact lens for the blind in development

By Lesley Lanir     May 31, 2013 in Technology
Tel Aviv - The blind may have a way to see in the near future. Israeli scientists at Bar-Ilan University have developed a non-evasive technological device that could help people born blind at birth to see using a bionic contact lens.
The new technology, developed by Israeli scientists at Bar-Ilan University, is waiting to be accepted for clinical trials reports Haaretz. Its use is being tested on seeing individuals by teaching them to "see" via mechanically and electrically stimulating senses in their fingers and tongues.
The miniature technological device consists of a camera that receives visual information from the environment and transmits signals to a bionic contact lens. The lens transfers the signals by way of electrodes to the cornea and from there to sensory brain areas which stimulate the simulation of visual information.
Award winning head researcher of the team, Professor Zeev Zalevsky, head of Electrical Engineering and Nanophotonics at Bar-Ilan University, is quoted as saying:
“This technology is good news for humanity, especially in bringing sight to people blind from birth without requiring surgery or damaging other vital senses or organs.”
He carries on to explain that “The new technology attempts to deal with the problems of existing bionic eye technologies to enable even people who are blind from birth, in whom the brain region that processes visual information is not developed, to see.”
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