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article image'Calvin' of Calvin and Hobbes fame all grown up in new painting Special

By Leigh Goessl     May 30, 2013 in Entertainment
An image showing a painting of Calvin and Hobbes is going viral. The painting depicts an adult Calvin holding his beloved childhood buddy.
Many comic fans likely remember Calvin and Hobbes, the adventurous, yet bratty, 6-year-old who perceived his stuffed tiger as real. Everyone else saw a limp stuffed animal with no expression, yet the imaginative Calvin saw him as his pal, his very much expressive and alive tiger.
Calvin and Hobbes was created by Bill Watterson and ran in newspapers from 1985–1996. It reportedly ran in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide and became wildly popular during its run.
The comic strip so well-loved, many book compilations were made over the years.
While the comic has not been forgotten, the author has been somewhat out of the limelight, and Watterson prefers it that way according to this interview he once gave during a fan Q&A session.
But Calvin and Hobbes is making a comeback in a big way. The Huffington Post picked up on a story this week of a painting created by comedian Craig Mahoney. The image shows a grown-up Calvin with a big smile on his face and standing over a box "Calvin's toys" holding Hobbes.
"Calvin is seen smiling wistfully, but Hobbes is silent and (quiet sadly) as he was when adults viewed him — limp, lifeless and not animated," Huffington Post writes.
Screenshot of painting portraying a grown up Calvin holding up his old buddy Hobbes.
Screenshot of painting portraying a grown up Calvin holding up his old buddy Hobbes.
Huffington Post
Digital Journal spoke to a cartoonist about her thoughts on Mahoney's painting.
"I loved the original comic, and felt it was really well done," said Rishi Genki, an aspiring illustrator who specializes in sequential art. She said she thought the painting was a good portrayal of a grown-up Calvin.
"I found the painting to be very nostalgic," Genki added. "And you can imagine Calvin keeping Hobbes all those years."
Mahoney is displaying the painting at an art show in New Jersey, entitled Boca Grande Cantina Mexicana | Portraits of Awesomeness: The Art of a Fanboy. The show opens on June 7, 2013.
Did you follow Calvin and Hobbes? What do you think of a grown-up Calvin?
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