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article imageOregon man threatens bombing due to missing letter 'd' on signage

By Marcus Hondro     May 30, 2013 in Crime
A man in Salem, Ore. appears upset about a sign outside the Teacher Standards and Practices Comm. office. He walked into the office today with a pressure cooker bomb, wires sticking out, and said he tried to blow the sign up because it was misspelled.
The sign does have a letter 'd' missing, so it reads 'Teacher Standards an Practices Commission office.'
Dressed in a winter coat buttoned up to the neck and what the Oregon Statesman Journal described as a "stocking cap", he told staff he tried to blow the sign up but that his home-made bomb did not work.
He also complained about spelling mistakes online where he got the info on how to make a pressure-cooker bomb of the type he said he had. While the entire story seems odd and contrived, it's not, the guy was real, his complaints were real and, as far as can be determined, his intention to blow up the sign with the missing letter was real.
“He walked quite confidently into our office as though he had a mission, and I think that was what alarmed me right off the bat,” Exec. Director Vickie Chamberlain told media.
Oregon man threatens sign with bomb
The man, Leonard Burdek, 50, told staff that they should be concerned about the level of education they were offering state students if they could not themselves spell correctly. The board does not in fact have students routinely come in, but rather is where teachers get their licenses to teach filled out and approved.
Chamberlain acknowledged the spelling mistake, though said it wasn't exactly a mistake per se but that either someone had scrapped off the missing letter or it wore off over time. It was there at one time.
Mr. Burket didn't stay long but took his device and left within two minutes. He was arrested outside the building and charged with disorderly conduct. The pressure cooker, police said, was in fact not a bomb but a hoax made out to look like one.
Staff who dealt with the situation did not know that, of course, and were understandably rattled. They said they will be locking the front entrance and checking people over before allowing them in for the next little while.
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