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Woman and grandson find gun on seat of Disney World ride

By Leigh Goessl     May 30, 2013 in Travel
A visitor to Walt Disney World accidentally left his gun on one of the rides at the resort's Animal Kingdom park. A woman found the gun while she was on the ride with her grandson.
On May 26, a woman and her grandson climbed into one of the rides at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom and found more than a customary seat belt on the Dinosaur ride.
The woman, who had not been identified, brought the loaded gun to the ride's attendant. Her young grandson had said, "My grandma found it on her seat," states the police report.
The attendant reported the incident. Her manager called Disney Security and the Orange County Sheriff's Office immediately. The woman and her grandson reportedly disappeared into the crowd after reporting the gun.
An investigation discovered the Cobra .380 caliber was registered to a 44-year-old Florida man who has a concealed weapons permit.
The man had immediately returned to the ride when he realized the gun was no longer in his pocket. The Smoking Gun reported he told authorities he believes his gun "slipped out" from his pocket during the "extremely bumpy" Dinosaur ride.
The man was said to be very apologetic and indicated he did not know he was not allowed to carry his gun on Disney property. He said he went through security as is the procedure, but did not report he was carrying the firearm.
“Since the gun was in his back pocket, the issue never came up," the police report states he said. The weapon was loaded, but no bullets were in the chamber.
Disney does conduct bag searches, but do not have metal detectors at the entries of its parks.
Company policy does state that "weapons of any kind" are not allowed on its property.
However, now questions are being raised whether or not that policy is explicit enough, reported the Orlando Sentinel. The man said he did not see any signs prohibiting firearms.
"It was my mistake, but I wish I would've known more about" the policy, the man, Angelo Lista, is reported to have said.
Lista was not charged since he had a legal permit to carry, but he was asked by Disney authorities to leave the park for the day and he complied. His gun was taken by officials who said he could claim it once he produced proof of ownership.
The man was allowed to return the next day, without his gun.
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