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article imageOp-Ed: Report — Average American spends 58 minutes per day on smartphone

By Abigail Prendergast     May 29, 2013 in Technology
A new study has delivered some interesting and perhaps surprising data. On average, the typical American spends only 58 minutes a day on his or her smartphone.
A new study has revealed that, perhaps the majority of Americans are not as glued to their smartphones and other mobile devices as previously thought. According to Experian, the typical American spends just under one hour a day on his or her phone - 58 minutes to be precise.
What's more, is that the majority of usage on the devices was used for talking, which made up 26 percent of overall smartphone utilization. Texting came in second at 20 percent.
Of course, it should be taken into consideration, as Ubergizmo points out, that these statistics represent all Americans' cell phone activities, and not just urban teens and young adults who are pretty much glued to their phone screens.
The notion becomes even more evident when the rest of the stats are examined: social media websites like Facebook were used only 16 percent, and games were only played a mere 9 percent of the time.
Experian conducted their study by tracking participants' cell phone usage, although it should also be noted that certain activities, such as watching a video, pretty much branches out into several forms of doing so. Not only on the device in question's native media player, but also on applications like YouTube and Netflix.
There is another element which, according to the study, plays into the time put toward smartphone usage. And that is the mobile device's native operating system. Namely, the iPhone's iOS versus the Linux-based Android OS.
Android owners had put in only 49 minutes a day according to the study, where as iPhone users clocked in at an hour and 15 minutes. And while that still doesn't sound all that extreme, as mentioned before, these statistics are based on Americans' smartphone use on average. Bear in mind that the ability to use the device does not always equal overly relying on it.
ZD Net points out that the study discovered Android phone users spend more time engaging in vocal conversation (28 percent), while iPhone users only got 22 percent. It has been speculated that iMessage, a free Apple-to-Apple feature, may be behind that. But it was not an included element of the study.
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