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article imageReport confirms left-wing, politically correct bias of BBC

By Richard Milnes     May 29, 2013 in Politics
A study by independent think-tank The New Culture Forum has confirmed that the BBC has been reporting the news in a biased manner, downplaying the immigration threat and glossing over controversial issues.
The report was undertaken by independent think-tank The New Culture Forum. The Daily Mail reports that the study’s author, Ed West looked at coverage by BBC news and current affairs programmes since 1997.
The study has accused the BBC of failing to accurately report violence by Islamic extremists. It says ‘The BBC feels uncomfortable tackling Islamic extremism or aggression by minorities; it feels more at ease to see Muslims as victims of racism or Islamophobia.’
The Daily Mail reports that the BBC’s then director general Mark Thompson accepted the corporation had once been guilty of a ‘massive’ Left-wing bias and admitted its coverage of immigration and Europe had been ‘weak’.
The Commentator goes into detail about the BBC’s reign of political correctness:
Broadcaster Jeff Randall, formerly of the BBC, suggested that the organisation's attitudes to multiculturalism were not impartial, stating, "When I was there, this was not up for grabs. Multiculturalism was 'a good thing'. The BBC supported it. Don’t take my word for it because, when I complained to the BBC about our coverage of asylum-seekers, this is what I got back from a very senior BBC news executive: 'Jeff, the BBC internally is not neutral about multiculturalism. It believes in it, and it promotes diversity. Let’s face up to that'."
The report criticises the BBC for its pro-immigration stance. It gives an example where it included the use of "unanimously pro-migration interviews" for a special feature on migration in 2002 - a feature which has been slammed as "propaganda".
The Commentator points out that despite being critical of Christianity, it paints a wonderful picture of Islam. It "tends to downplay activities on the part of Islamists" the report says.
Left-wing Guardian newspaper is BBC favourite
The Commentator confirmed earlier in May that the left-wing Guardian newspaper was the top purchase by the biased tax-payer funded BBC with 68,307 copies purchased.
Some members of the British public have joked that the initials B.B.C. should actually stand for the ‘Blatantly Biased Corporation’ or the ‘Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation’.
Are other TV channels any better?
Yesterday Digital Journal reported on Channel 4’s politically motivated attempt to stop donations to the Help for Heroes charity from an organisation against Militant Islam.
Even the notoriously politically correct, left-wing Guardian newspaper has recently criticised both the BBC and Channel 4 for giving too much air time to anti-British, Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary, who is believed to be responsible for the radicalisation of at least one of the savages that murdered Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby.
In a previous article Digital Journal exposed the NUJ for its left-wing bias.
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