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article imageWatch bug invasion on a live CicadaCam

By Matthew Hendricks     May 29, 2013 in Odd News
Every 17 years, cicadas emerge from the ground to mate. For those who can't make their way over to the East Coast, the Science Channel has launched a live cicada cam so you can watch them on your computer.
According to, the Science Channel has set up a live camera with a nerdy miniature set the creatures are supposed to flourish in. This is to promote the Science Channel's shows Sworm Chasers and Cicada Invaders 2013, according to
Digital Journal reports that after living underground for 17 years, brood II classified cicadas from North Carolina to Massachusetts tunnel to the surface for their noisy mating ritual.
When cicadas first appear they are still nymphs. They will crawl onto nearby vegetation where they will remain for a matter of days, shedding their nymph skin until their exoskeleton hardens allowing them fly and begin mating. Once mature, cicadas live only for a few weeks. brings you the LIVE cicada cam here, where you can view the creatures on a model of the White House or something. Be warned though that sometimes you might not see any bugs, or any movement from the bugs for hours. You might find it more exciting to just watch the video at the top of this article which has a clip of the scene recorded earlier that shows the creatures moving in it.
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