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article imageEDL march on Downing Street, London — The English Spring!

By Richard Milnes     May 28, 2013 in World
London - "They've had their Arab spring. This is time for the English spring." Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League tells supporters at the rally outside the London address of David Cameron who is currently on holiday in Ibiza.
The EDL have gone straight to the root cause of the problem of the Islamification of England and the presence in England of Muslim extremists who literally wish to destroy England, the English people and the English way of life.
Not the Muslims themselves. They are by and large just ordinary people. Muslims are not inherently bad people, nor is Islam an inherently bad religion - far from it.
No – it is the current British government and previous Labour government that are the root cause because they have allowed and encouraged this Islamification to take place!
Why are the EDL marching on Downing Street?
An article appearing on the EDL website explains the reason for the demonstration at Downing Street, which took place at 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday. Two of the reasons mentioned are that hey have had enough of soldiers being abused and poppies burnt.
Just two days earlier a Newcastle EDL demo had attracted around 2,000 supporters.
Second-Class Citizens
The British government have not just ignored the English people, but treated them as second-class citizens in their own country. A kind of thought control known as ‘political correctness’ has even come about that tries to tell people that it is ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ to show pride in your country, history, culture, heritage, traditions and way of life.
Heaven forbid should anyone carry an English flag or suggest that Islam (especially in its more radical forms) is not an English religion and is not part of the English culture and is not compatible with the English way of life.
The Sun put the number of protesters at over 1,000. The Press Association reported that there were no arrests.
The marchers chanted “Muslim killers off our streets” as they marched down Whitehall past the Cenotaph towards number ten Downing Street.
The marchers held signs saying, ‘Blair, Cameron and the rest, Blood on your hands’ and ‘No more imported death on our streets’.
In a statement of solidarity and defiance against Muslim extremists, some protesters could be seen wearing ‘Help for Heroes’ tops, which Drummer Lee Rigby was wearing at the time of his murder.
However, as reported by Digital Journal, after pressure from Channel 4, Help for Heroes will not be accepting any donations from the EDL.
“I’m here because a British soldier has had his head chopped off!” Kevin Carroll, a high profile EDL supporter and cousin to leader Tommy Robinson, tried to explain to a mob of UAF thugs.
A man who appeared to be a soldier, explained to a reporter that he was there for Lee Rigby and to show that the country was united. He added that certain extremists were trying to destroy the country but “remember it’s not all Muslims” he said.
Tommy Robinson gave a speech to the EDL:
Political policing
“The police today, through political policing have gone back on everything that we agreed, everything that we agreed.
“We were told by them this morning that we weren’t allowed a PA system, that we weren’t allowed speeches. We’ve just had to carry this a mile, because we’re not allowed it. Usually we’d agree to come here and set up our PA system, but we’re not allowed to. We haven’t got a licence to and we’ll be arrested if we do.
Thank you to Sikhs
“I’ll start off lads right, everything is orchestrated so that we fail. It’s all orchestrated for us to fail. That’s the reason why they’ve put us here, they’ve put a load of great Sikhs there in between the UAF in the hope that that cameras some how show us showing hatred towards the Sikhs. That’s their hope.”
The EDL chant “Sikhs!”
“I’ll start off talking about the Sikhs. In World War I twenty percent of our forces were Sikh. They won fourteen Victoria Crosses, 83,000 died and 140,000 were injured. Winston Churchill said, British people are highly indebted and obliged to the Sikhs for a long time. As a result of their help we now live with honour, dignity and independence. It is a war that they fought and died in wearing their turbans and we say thank you to the Sikh community.”
A song ‘Lest We forget’ is then played.
Politically correct censorship at the BBC
“The BBC News did not report at all that Muslims had burnt poppies. Their headline was English Defence League arrested for assaulting police officer.”
EDL supporters shout “Boo!”
It’s never too late!
“And then when I got out (this is the problem with everyone’s attitude in this country)…when I got out I got home…when I got home to my wife, her mum and her Nan were there, yeah? And they’re fed up of me getting arrested. They’re fed up of all the problems this has brought on my family, all the stress that’s put on them. And I walked in and my Mrs’ Nan said ‘It’s too late, what can you do? It’s too late. It is never, ever too late!”
The crowd cheers in support of Tommy Robinson.
What has happened to English men?
“If everyone had the attitude…if everyone had that attitude in 1930 we’d all be German. We’d all be German, if everyone had that attitude.
“You had fourteen-year-old boys (our forefathers), pretending they were older so they could go out and defend our country.
“Now we have a generation of people who are too scared to say anything in case they get called a ‘racist’!
“What has happened to English men? What has happened throughout generations?”
The EDL men shout in reply “We’re here!”
“We’re here now, we’re here now!” Tommy says in agreement.
Cameron in Ibiza
“And when this is all going on where’s David Cameron? When London was burning during the riots, where was David Cameron? He was on holiday then and he’s on holiday now. He’s on holiday because he doesn’t care! He doesn’t care, because it does not affect him. None of this affects him.
Theresa May is told some home truths
“About eighteen months ago, I got one of our lads to set up a local meeting with his MP who happened to be Theresa May. Now instead of him turning up to the meeting, I turned up and I bought a laptop with me and when I got sat down with Theresa May, I opened the laptop, I explained to her that I’m the leader of the English Defence League and I am here to tell you some home truths. I opened up the laptop and I got a video of an English girl being beaten to a pulp by a bunch of Muslim men. I kept rewinding it and rewinding it and rewinding it and letting it play and letting it play. And saying look at that! Look at that! She said ‘I can’t comment.’ I said I know you can’t comment but if that was English men beating a woman with a hijab on then you would be on national T.V. talking about it! The sad reality is they don’t care. They’re too scared and it’s the truth.
We can’t keep running
“Prior to the English Defence League, we get labeled (as) thugs. I’m no angel. I’ve never been an angel in my life, yeah. Prior to the English Defence League, I was successful. I had seven properties. I had my own plumbing business. I had my own tanning salon in Luton town centre, yeah. I was a successful young lad and then I realised all I wanted to do was make money, make money so I could get out of Luton. Why am I getting out of Luton? I’m getting out of Luton because of Islam. That’s why I’m getting out of Luton. And then there come (sic) a point where it don’t (sic) matter how much money you’re making because you can’t keep running. We can’t keep running. And if it doesn’t affect us it’s the next generation and everyone wants to do what they do with their children.”
Counter protest
A counter protest was held by the far-left, anti-British UAF organisation, which has a Muslim extremist, Azad Ali as its vice-chair and is backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron. It is also believed to receive taxpayer funding.
They carried signs threatening to ‘Smash the EDL’.
There have been unconfirmed reports that counter protesters were arrested for an attack on Roger Firth and his wife Dot.
According to the Belfast Telegraph around 100 far-left thugs tried to attack five or six EDL supporters that arrived late for the demo.
Meanwhile in Ibiza…
As ordinary British people are left to march to highlight the problem of radical Islam in the UK, British Prime Minister David Cameron, whom the brave leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson accused of being a “spineless coward” at the EDL Newcastle march on Saturday, is busy sunning himself in Ibiza.
The Sun reports that Cameron jetted out just 48 hours after chairing a meeting of Cobra, the Cabinet committee summoned during emergencies.
Ben Sutherland
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