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Man is arrested for jumping out of a moving airplane

By Jonathan Lam     May 27, 2013 in Crime
Toronto - Early Monday Toronto's police got an unusual call. A man decided to jump out of a moving airplane leaving Toronto's Pearson International Airport.
Just after 12 a.m. Monday morning, a 32 year-old man decided to leave the flight a little bit earlier than the rest of the passengers. The passengers were shocked to see the man jump out of the emergency exit located near the wing of the right side of the plane.
A passenger named Ian Sansom claims that just before the airplane was taxiing to the airport gate a woman from the back shouts, "the door's open, someone just jumped out"
This leads flight attendants in a state of panic shouting, "What? What? What?"
Reports say it is unclear if an emergency slide was deployed or how fast the airplane was traveling at the time of the incident. The man was not injured from the fall but is believed to have mental issues.
Afterwards the flight attendants made an announcement asking if there is anyone related to the man who just jumped out to step forward. One man stepped forward as a result of the announcement.
Sansom quotes, "“Thank God he didn't do it when we're in the air."
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