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article imageOp-Ed: The Registry of FALSE RAPE Allegations

By Alexander Baron     May 27, 2013 in Crime
Oxford - Last week, an Oxford woman was given an eight month gaol sentence for making a false rape allegation against a totally innocent man. This case was reported only by local media.
The woman concerned, Kirsty Debanks, claimed a former boyfriend had raped her in her home in July last year. Often cases like this are she said/he said, and as in the fictional case of Carla Connor, this can be a nightmare for a jury. Do they destroy the reputation or even the life of a none too eloquent but decent man, or do they acquit the plausible monster in a business suit who may go on to rape another woman, or worse? In that case, the jury got it wrong, but fortunately, this (false) rape allegation didn't go to the jury because the police carried out a thorough investigation, and not for the first time, our much maligned total surveillance society delivered the goods. CCTV proved the alleged perpetrator was elsewhere at the time of the rape that never happened.
Having said that, it was lucky for Chris Newitt it did, because his accuser went to extraordinary lengths in order to frame him, recruiting two co-conspirators - one of them a woman - to inflict injuries on her. This was all the more despicable because in spite of her young age, Debanks is the mother of two children, by Mr Newitt.
Although most false rape accusers don't go to such lengths, the incidence of false reporting is a lot more common than the campus rape industry and their fellow travellers would have us believe. Here is an ad hoc timeline of false allegations since the turn of the Millennium.
The American academic Christina Hoff Sommers has researched this subject in considerable depth, and her results make disturbing reading, or perhaps that should be edifying reading if rape is nowhere near as endemic as believed?
Although the Debanks case received little publicity, this need not be the case any longer. There is now a registry of false rape accusers. Actually, Register Her Dot Com has been around for some time. Currently it has a heavy US/UK bias, but it needs to be expanded, because the prevalence of false rape allegations and their widespread acceptance can lead only to and indeed has led to bad social policy, which is good for neither the victims of false rape allegations, nor for genuine rape victims, nor for society as a whole, all societies worldwide.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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