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article image'Women's Viagra' on sale in 3 years

By Stephen Morgan     May 27, 2013 in Health
If you can't keep pace with you husband's libido, Viagra for women should be on sale soon, following successful trials in Europe.
It seems that men's dream of a sex-pill for women is just around the corner. The Telegraph reports that a new libido-booster for women should be on sale by 2016. The pill will be called Lybrido and is intended to increase a women's sexual desire and give her more satisfaction from sex.
According to the paper the "pill uses a combination of testosterone and a Viagra-like drug." The reason for this is that researchers have found that while Viagra alone has a physiological effect on men, on women, it needs to be combined with psychological factors. Women, in other words, need more than an erection.
A Dutch firm called Emotional Brain seems to have got round this by adding testosterone to the mix. Testosterone is a male steroid hormone and although females have it, the concentration in males is up to 8 times as much as a female and daily production up to 20 times greater. Testosterone works by exciting the brain's pleasure centers.
Trials on 200 women have so far been promising and more trials are hoped to allow production to begin in Europe soon. Applications to the US Food and Drug Administration are being made this summer.
It is being primarily targeted toward women who have been married for sometime and have lost the desire for sex or no longer get fulfillment from it. The problem is estimated to affect 43 percent of women.
The New York Times reported that women in the trials were asked to take the pill and then rate their "lust levels." Dr Andrew Goldstein, a US expert in female sexual health, told the Times that "drug companies such as Emotional Brain will be under pressure to prove they are not turning women into nymphomaniacs."
The story, according to the Herald Sun is that a broken-hearted Dutch reseacher, Dr Tuiten, started looking into it after his relationship fell apart. Interviewed by the New York Times, he explained that he was devastated when his childhood sweetheart, with whom he'd been in a relationship since he was 13, suddenly left him in his mid-twenties. “I was — flabbergasted..... “I was shocked. I was suffering,” he told the paper. This then inspired him on a lifelong quest to understand what happened and he became a psychopharmacologist. “I’m a little bit — not insane. But. There became a need for me to understand my personal life in this way.” he said.
Testosterone helps the development of male reproductive organs and increases muscle, bone mass, and promotes the growth of body hair. In short it makes men what men are. However, the pill isn't expected to cause women to grow beards and speak in deep voices. Dr Tuiten insists it will just increase testosterone to normal levels in women.
The pill should be taken three and a half hours before sex. It begs the question whether men will start popping it in the wife's tea or in the girlfriend's gin 'n tonic?
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