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article imageVideo: Britain First say 'Arrest Anjem Choudary or we will!'

By Richard Milnes     May 27, 2013 in Crime
Britain First has given the Metropolitan Police an ultimatum to arrest the anti-British Muslim extremist, Anjem Choudary by Wednesday 6pm or they will.
Anjem Choudary is believed to be responsible for the radicalisation of at least one of the men that murdered Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.
Photos have appeared showing Michael Adebolajo on demonstrations with Anjem Choudary in London.
The Sun highlighted the ongoing politically correct cowardice of the British police and government, mentioning that those Tweeting outrage had been arrested, but Choudary was still a free man. They demanded 'Cage him now!'
The Daily Mail asks the question “Is this country mad? Why is Anjem Choudary, whose poisonous teachings influenced the Woolwich killers, free to draw benefits and tour BBC studios spouting murderous hatred against Britain?”
Even an article appearing in the notoriously politically correct, left wing Guardian newspaper criticised the BBC and Channel 4 for giving Anjem Choudary too much airtime.
Digital Journal previously reported that Anjem Choudary admitted meeting the Nigerian killer Michael Adebolajo back in 2003 after he converted to Islam. Choudary has also courted controversy in the past by urging his followers to claim ‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’ (a reference to the unemployment benefit ‘Jobseekers Allowance’) and expressed his desire to axe the Bollywood film industry in India.
Britain First campaign for the arrest of Anjem Choudary
Paul Golding, Chairman of the ‘Britain First’ patriotic campaigning organisation explains in the video:
“Since Wednesday, since the attack in Woolwich by two crazed, jihadist Muslim extremists on an innocent, unprotected, unguarded British soldier that took place in Woolwich, since then we’ve had roughly about 20,000 people contact, register, get involved, sign-up in some way, shape or form and we intend to make full use of this new support.
Anjem Choudary still walking the streets preaching the most extreme interpretation of Islam
“We’re launching our next campaign. The main thing that really gripes me about the fall out and the aftermath from the terrorist attack on Wednesday is the fact that the man who I see and most people in this country see as being directly responsible for creating the vast, entrenched and growing Islamic extremist movement in this country, Anjem Choudary, is still walking the streets.
“Now whether it was the Muslims attacking or demonstrating against a home coming parade in Luton or whether they were planning to bomb Wootton Bassett or whether they were burning poppies on remembrance day, in some way, shape or form most of the terror plots that have been foiled in this country, most of the outrages that make us seethe with anger are directly related to Anjem Choudary in some way, shape or form. But the man is still walking the streets. He is still out there day after day, after day, urging his followers to follow the most extreme version and interpretation of the Quran and getting them to hold placards with behead those who insult Islam.
“Well all of that over many years has built up to Wednesday, the attack in Woolwich, because now one of our soldiers, an innocent man with a two year old child and a family. A young man, a good soldier a man who’s spent time in Afghanistan serving his country is now dead, because of the hate and anti-Western, anti-British hatred that’s been built up by Anjem Choudary. And he’s still walking the streets. And I have seen even Muslim community leaders on the TV saying, ‘What the hell is going on?’
An ‘avalanche’ of complaints to be sent to the Met Police
“Well we intend to run a campaign against the Metropolitan Police, which is the police force which covers where this jihadist lives in north-east London. We intend to run a campaign to mobilise all of our supporters, to send in an absolute avalanche of complaints, to get this man locked up. The fact that he is still walking the streets; the fact that after everything that’s happened, he’s still at liberty, claiming our benefits, living in one of our council houses, whilst preaching death and destruction and hatred towards us is absolutely incredulous. So go onto our website, you’ll see the address, just here, right here. Go on to our website and send in a complaint. Spare thirty seconds of your time. Send the complaint to the Metropolitan Police.
Arrest Anjem Choudary by Wed 6pm or we will!
“We in Britain First have given the Metropolitan Police until Wednesday, 6pm; this coming Wednesday, the 29th May to arrest Anjem Choudary. And if the complaints avalanche doesn’t work, I can tell you right now that if that deadline comes and passes, then I, me and a team of Britain First activists will go and arrest that bastard, because we know where he lives. We know where he frequents. We’ve got all the research behind us. We will go and arrest that bastard and take him off the streets and hand him in to a local police station. If the police won’t do their job, then we damn well will! So they’ve got until Wednesday to get their act together. And if the complaints don’t work then we will take the law into our own hands and we will do it ourselves!"
So far 2,223 people have sent the complaint to the Metropolitan Police.
Britain First s arrest Anjem Choudary complaint campaign to London s Metropolitan Police.
Britain First's arrest Anjem Choudary complaint campaign to London's Metropolitan Police.
Britain First
The ‘Deport Muslim extremists” petition has so far achieved 21,922 signatures.
Britain First s  Deport Muslim Extremists  campaign.
Britain First's "Deport Muslim Extremists' campaign.
Britain First petition
Petitions have also appeared on including the ‘Arrest/Imprison or Deport Islamic Extremists & Radical Clerics like Anjem Choudary’ petition which has so far attracted 2,090 supporters with a target of 100,000 set.
Update – 30 May 2013
A manhunt is now underway for Anjem Choudary and Britain First are requesting details of his whereabouts in order to make a citizen's arrest.
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