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article imageOp-Ed: Should white males be racially profiled as mass murderers?

By Phyllis Smith Asinyanbi     May 27, 2013 in Crime
Albany - Grant Alan Acord, 17, was arrested Saturday, for allegedly building bombs with the intent of blowing up West Albany High School. He is a junior at the school and was inspired by the Columbine massacre, authorities say.
Brief Facts
He will be charged as an adult with attempted aggravated murder and six counts of manufacturing and possessing destructive devices. Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson said investigators found six bombs in a concealed area in his bedroom.
Police received a tip that the teen was manufacturing a bomb to blow up his school. Although police searched the high school and found no bombs, they subsequently located bombs at the suspect's home and his father's home.
He was then taken to a juvenile jail on Thursday night.
Haroldson said the teen had written plans, a checklist and a detailed time line for the attack.
Explosives found at his home included Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs and a Drano bomb, reported.
The district attorney reportedly stated, "In any case that you have a young person that in essence plans to take a video game approach to killing people at school, you have to take a close look at the mental health issues . . . and the process will certainly provide for that once he's represented by counsel."
Acord is scheduled for arraignment Tuesday in Benton County District Court.
Extended Opinion
The people of Oregon and the entire United States are relieved the attack was thwarted.
While pondering over a mental list of typical US mass murderer "profiles," i.e., James Oliver Huberty (infamous McDonald's shooting in Calif.); John T. Miller (killed child support collectors in N.Y.); Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine massacre); Jared Lee Loughner (shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords); James Eagan Holmes (Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooting); and Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting), one commonality is apparent--they're all white males.
"Racial profiling" has been in the news lately. Perhaps those who find it acceptable should call their local police departments and encourage them to begin targeting young white males. They certainly fit the profile for homegrown terrorists who shoot or bomb innocent people.
How should this phenomenon be addressed?
Law enforcement shouldn't frisk potential mass murders on the streets, New York City style, but once authorities receive reports of their strange behavior and threats against their peers—search their homes for bombs and violent video games. No need for a warrant, because the public is at risk. Distort the law and improvise at will.
How does that sound?
When police stop and frisk African American and Latino young men on the streets of New York City, and on rare occasions find a gun or drugs on the “suspects,” do authorities speculate these “suspects” have mental health issues?
Maybe the ones who have a bit of marijuana on them have mental health problems and are self-medicating due to the stress of living in a society that continuously views them as threatening--even when they're not.
It's not likely the "minorities" are thought of as mental; it's assumed they have criminal minds and an innate propensity for evil.
And the “illegal aliens” pulled over on the streets of Phoenix? Must be against the law to drive while Latino in in the state of Arizona.
The Acord case should add thought-provoking content to the racial profiling issue, but it won't, because the profilers refuse to profile those who have similar physical characteristics as themselves.
Racial profiling is inequitable for any and all.
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