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article imageMarch against Monsanto: Toronto, Canada saw 2,000 in the streets

By Anne Sewell     May 26, 2013 in Food
Toronto - As part of the worldwide March against Monsanto on Saturday, May 25, 2013, Toronto did its bit with around 2,000-3,000 people protesting in the streets against GMOs in general, and Monsanto in particular.
According to Rob Campbell, a citizen member of Digital Journal, more than 2,000 protesters gathered in St James Park in downtown Toronto as part of the global March against Monsanto.
Digital Journal's Renee Fournier was also there and between the two of them, they produced some impressive photos which are included in this article.
The video above shows an aerial view of the protesters as they march down the street chanting, "Hell no GMO, just say no to Monsanto."
March against Monsanto in Toronto  Canada - May 25  2013
March against Monsanto in Toronto, Canada - May 25, 2013
Robert Campbell
According to Rob, the sound system wasn't great and apparently someone had to run to a nearby car to get a megaphone, which still wasn't loud enough unfortunately. He said that the speeches were inaudible to most people, and that possibly the organizers weren't expecting such a big crowd to turn up.
However the turnout looks good and protesters carried banners stating their views on the situation with Monsanto and GMOs, including "Sick of lies, sick of greed, we don't want your toxic seed" and "Millions against Monsanto" signs.
The people who gathered in St James Park On Saturday believe Monsanto's biological and chemical engineering practices to be detrimental to all mankind.
Most of the speakers at the event spoke of the group's mandate for change and insisting that politicians force the food companies to label GMO foods, to give consumers an opportunity to make an informed choice about the food they buy.
Concern was shown by protesters about the effect of pesticides on honey bees, particularly relating to the fact that farmers in Germany led a grassroots campaign that eventually lead to a ban on Bayer's pesticides in Europe for two years after some evidence linked some of their chemicals to Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD in honeybees.
March against Monsanto in Toronto  Canada - May 25  2013
March against Monsanto in Toronto, Canada - May 25, 2013
Robert Campbell
Protesters urged Canadian politicians, along with US congressmen, to repeal the new "Monsanto Protection Act" that gives Monsanto immunity from any legal process, especially in the face of growing evidence of health risks associated with genetically modified products.
The people called for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs, including, especially controlled long term studies, like the one carried out in France by French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini, who published a study linking GMO foods with tumors and organ failure in rats which was run over 2 years - the lifetime of said rats.
Finally, protesters want to be able to better identify, and then hold accountable, those Monsanto-supporting politicians in both Canada and the USA. As Rob says, "We can make our elected representatives do their jobs and make social democracy work."
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