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article imageEDL protest in Newcastle against Woolwich murder of Lee Rigby

By Richard Milnes     May 26, 2013 in World
Newcastle - On Saturday, 25 May, thousands of patriotic English protested in Newcastle against the cold-blooded murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London.
In a display of defiance against the politically correct cowardice of the British government, mainstream media and other parts of the British establishment, thousands of ordinary English people marched through Newcastle to say enough is enough after the brazen beheading of an off duty soldier in Woolwich, south-east London, in broad daylight a couple of days earlier.
According to Northumbria Police between 1,500 and 2,000 people took part in the EDL event. However, later reports believed the figure had swelled to as high as 7,000. Police reported that there were no major problems.
Between 350 and 400 people took part in a much smaller counter-protest by ‘Newcastle Unites’, a front group of the far-left, extremist UAF which has previously marched side by side with Muslim extremists whilst attacking police on British soil.
As the English patriots marched through Newcastle city centre they sang, “We’re the infidels of the EDL and we’re coming down the road!” “I’m England ‘til I die”, “With St George in my heart keep me English!” and “We love you England we do!” Members of the public, ranging from elderly women to young children, applauded and cheered. The heroic leader of the EDL, known as Tommy Robinson, was particularly popular.
Far-left extremists joined forces with Islamists to try to attack the English that were protesting against the murder of drummer Lee Rigby. However, the EDL supporters stood their ground despite the inability of the British police to maintain law and order and control the violent thugs of the far-left.
ITV News reports that police bundled away a group of counter-protesters that had tried to intercept the march.
The EDL sang, “There’s only one Lee Rigby” as the far-left counter protesters who are backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron marched in opposition to the EDL’s march in support of drummer Lee Rigby.
The EDL sang, “You’re not English any more!” and “We want our country back!” as the far-left UAF marched past them.
Speech by EDL leader Tommy Robinson:
“It’s the first time I actually don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to say. When I stood there and I watched how many people have turned out today, it gave me goose bumps. It gave me shivers.
“Can we start off first of all giving a round of applause and thank you to the armed servicemen that are here.”
He is interrupted by chants of “Heroes! Heroes! Heroes!...” from the EDL.
“Past and present. I see many older veterans here. True heroes, true heroes, true heroes."
Media smear EDL as ‘racist’
“Before I go into talking about Woolwich, because I know that’s going to get people emotional, it’s going to get me emotional, I’ll start on the other things. The English Defence League has been demonised, smeared as a racist organisation by the media. This morning on Sky News, breaking news that three people had been arrested prior to the English Defence League demonstration for giving racial tweets.”
The EDL say, “Boo!”
“Who follows me on Twitter?” Tommy asks. He goes onto say “I’ve had at least twenty threats to decapitate me, to burn my children, to murder my wife, to massacre my family…
“I went to Bedfordshire Police and I’ve given them two hundred death threats…two hundred! Not one person has ever been arrested for threatening me, or the English Defence League. Not one Muslim has ever been arrested for religious or racial hatred. This is two-tier policing."
Government does not want large EDL protests
“Do you know what the media didn’t want or the government don’t want? They don’t want this. Look around you! Look how many people are here today!”
The EDL break into chants of “E-D-L”.
“All I’m seeing on the news and all I’m hearing from politicians is about the poor old Muslims. Muslims are scared. Muslims are scared! One of our soldiers has had his head cut off on the streets of our capital and Muslims are scared!
“If you are a serving soldier's wife, do you think they feel safe walking to the barracks? Do you think their families feel safe? Do you think we feel safe? Who’s scared? Muslims are scared. The English people are scared. Our daughters are being groomed in towns and cities across this country and they’re scared.
“Somehow Muslims and Islam have become the victim, this week. The first thing David Cameron said, “Muslims are victims of terrorism.” One of our soldiers…"
Drummer Lee Rigby’s death is not in vain
“Do you know what? I’ve said before and if I’m honest, this may sound far-fetched, yeah, we’ve had terrorists planning to blow us up. I’ve had four official Osman warnings and I thought the moment that would make people rise would be an attack on me, or my death. That’s what I thought, yeah. That it would take a moment like that and now soldiers die at war. They sign up. They are heroes. They are brave. They give their life for every one of us.
“Soldiers who are dieing, suffering in far away fields, fighting against the forces of Sharia, when one of them (sic) dies it does have an effect, but the fact that a serving British soldier has died on the British streets in such a horrific way. OK? This soldier's death will be the moment. OK? He has not been in vain. He signed up to keep this country safe. He signed up to keep this country safe and in his death we will become safer because people will rise. It will be this moment that people will remember. He will be the named person as a martyr who has started the fight back in our country to reclaim our streets.
“Our government have failed our armed forces…” An EDL supporter hoists up a Union Jack flag with the words ‘Support Our Troops’ across the centre to cheers from the English patriots at the rally. He continues, “…by failing to accept that we are in a war! We’re in a war! Whether they like it or not we’re in a war! How, seven miles from the biggest Sharia zone in Europe – East London. Woolwich Barracks is seven miles. How can a member of our armed forces be slayed and slaughtered for twenty minutes before anything’s done? If our government accepted that we were at war there’d have been armed personnel patrolling that street of every barracks in this country."
British Prime Minister David Cameron described as a “spineless coward”
“David Cameron has told us on TV that Islam is a religion of peace. David, David you spineless coward, that is your opinion, the facts are that for 1400 years Islam has waged a war and murder. They’re the facts. We don’t need your opinion telling us what you think of Islam. We want to know the facts of Islam. The facts of Islam are that it was born out of murder. Mohammed was a warmonger. Forty-four countries have turned to civil war because of Islam.
“Five percent of this country is Muslim. Think about the chaos and carnage they’re causing in our country. Think about it.
“What the media seem to have dropped out of what this lunatic Muslim said; he said he is instructed and he quoted the verse, to kill, to fight us. This is his instruction manual. He has followed his instruction manual and he has carried out what it has told him to do. But everyone…no one wants to mention the word Muslim. No one wants to mention the word Islam. Until they identify the problem, we won’t solve this problem."
Desperate eighty-five year old lady arrested but not militant Islamists
“Yesterday an eight-five year old lady was arrested for swearing at Muslims outside a mosque. Eighty-five years old. Do you know why she swore at Muslims at a mosque? Because she’s desperate. She’s desperate, she’s angry and she’s frustrated like every one of us."
Do not blame or attack individual Muslims - most are good people
"At the same time it is honourable to oppose terrorism. It is honourable to oppose Sharia law. It is honourable to oppose Muslim grooming gangs. One thing we do have to point out is that it is not honourable to shout at individual Muslim women or attack individual Muslims, because at the same time there are Muslims serving in the British armed forces. We have to identify and separate Muslims from Islam. Muslims are the first victims of Islam. They are brainwashed and radicalised into an ideology from the age of four. Many of them don’t participate in murder or terrorism, but there is an undergoing theme, there is an element by all their leaders who are anti-troops. They incite hatred against our troops."
Muslim extremist at the head of far-left UAF
"You’ve got a UAF demonstration around here, which local councillors are supporting…a UAF demonstration. Now Azad Ali, the Chairman of the UAF, on his Islamic Forum of Europe blog, he said that British armed forces are legitimate targets! This is the counter-demonstration to us around the corner.
“I’ve been shocked that when stories have come out in every town and city about grooming gangs, grooming people’s daughters, social services, police forces, all the people that were there to protect them have failed them and in this country there doesn’t seem to have been a reaction. What we must do as a community, we must not allow this soldiers death to be in vain!
“I can see in the last forty-eight hours the public perception of the English Defence League is changing. The people’s perception is changing. The reason why it’s changing is because we’re the only ones that dare say it how it is. We’re the only ones! The truth is not a lie. Since when did the truth become hate speech?
“And we will Bank Holiday Monday…I can’t believe, I’ll first of all say, this is one of the best cities for patriotism in the country. There wasn’t even that many coaches that came here today so the majority of people are locals, which is unbelievable.
“I’d like to thank every one of you. We will make a difference. We don’t have the answers, but we’re going to f***ing try."
EDL will march to Downing Street
“I ask, on Bank Holiday Monday we’ll be marching on Downing Street. We’ll be taking it to number 10 and we will not give up until it changes. The time for change is right now in this country. Ten percent have dictated to ninety percent for too long."
EDL started in support of British troops
“I’d like to say, when we started the English Defence League it was started out of pure passion in support of these guys. That’s what it was born out of. Now, I’ve even admitted that we have swayed from our cause over the last four years and it’s this that’s brought it back together, it’s this disgusting and sickening, that has taken one of our armed forces to have his head chopped off for people to stand up, for people to say I don’t care if you say I’m racist, I don’t care what you say to me, we don’t care what you want to call me, we don’t care what you say. We’re going to continue to fight it, no matter what. We’ll defeat Islamism or we’ll die trying!
“There is nothing I can say to put into words to speak the injustice, the pain, the suffering, that this country is feeling, especially his family, there is nothing I can say, we all know how we feel, but somehow we’re supposed to be in the wrong.
Everybody is welcome in the EDL
“By the way lads, one thing which everybody knows already, the Sikhs support our armed forces (88,000 of them died in the World War) this is not about colour, this is not about race. This is about an ideology, now to defeat this ideology, you won’t beat it with punches, hits, bombs or bullets. We need to win the hearts and the minds of the people. And we’re winning the hearts and the minds of the people, through non-violent, peaceful protest, we will win the hearts and the minds of the people in this country, right? Everyone’s welcome in the English Defence League, all colours and races. God bless."
Minute’s silence
“Now lads, just before I finish my speech we want to have a minute’s silence in respect of all armed forces that have suffered and died. Lads, lads, before we start a minute’s silence, right….” A minute’s silence is then held, but loud chanting from the far-left UAF can be heard in the background “…that’s it lads.”
Cry of help
“One last thing; to any politicians watching this, to the media watching this, to David Cameron or anyone in government watching this, when we come on the streets it’s a cry for help. It’s a cry for you to sort it out, because we’re living with it.”
British government to crack down on those that oppose militant Islam
In a move likely to further assist Islamic extremists in the UK, a Sky News article mentions that the Communities Secretary intends to crack down on the EDL.
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