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In photos ─ Activists March against Monsanto in Washington, D.C. Special

By Leigh Goessl     May 25, 2013 in World
Washington - Activists around the world today gathered in their communities to unite for the March against Monsanto. Supporters of this cause would like to see foods containing GMOs, along with dangerous chemicals, banned. Or, at least, labeled.
Activists across the globe were united today by a common belief. The March against Monsanto was scheduled to take place globally on May 25, 2013.
Numerous events took place on every continent. From Australia to North America, and everywhere in between, protestors voiced their concerns against Monsanto and its practices, especially regarding its GMOs and pesticides.
Numerous marches and rallies took place in dozens of countries. Digital Journal was on the scene at the Washington, D.C. event.
In the U.S., many of the activists are upset at the government. A rally took place in front of the White House. Organizers spoke and then had an "open mic" session where anyone could get up and share their feelings.
A large group gathered in front of the White House.
After the rally, it was time for the march. The group seemed to grow larger as protestors took to the streets. The March against Monsanto ended in front of the corporate giant's Washington, D.C. headquarters.
The D.C. event had a pretty large turnout, although it is not clear at this time how many people were present. But what was clear was the messages being sent out by activists.
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