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article imageOp-Ed: Did Rob Ford use crack cocaine?

By Marcus Hondro     May 25, 2013 in Politics
It's pretty obvious, no? I mean for Rob Ford to say "I don't use crack cocaine" and that he is not addicted to it instead of "I've never used crack cocaine and am not in a video using crack cocaine" makes it obvious he is in a video using crack cocaine.
He's lying without lying so later if that video comes out he can't be nailed for lying. Sorted and somehow compelling and boring all at the same time. What seems astonishing is that so many on the right continue to blame his prolonged and ugly downfall on people out to get him. Continue, for example, to blame it on the Toronto Star. Saying the Star created Ford's mess is like saying dead cows were at fault for Lady Gaga's meat-dress scandal.
Rob Ford: Didn't deny ever using crack cocaine
This is what Ford said: “I do not use crack cocaine nor am I an addict of crack cocaine. As for a video, I can’t comment on a video I have never seen or does not exist.”
Hello. Doesn't that make it pretty obvious? Or even incredibly obvious? Let's talk me: I do not use crack cocaine and I have never used crack cocaine and there is no video of me using crack cocaine because in point of fact I never have used crack cocaine." That's what you say when you've NEVER used crack cocaine.
John Cook on Gawker put it nicely: “The fact that Rob Ford says he does not currently use crack cocaine has no bearing on his past behavior. He did not say, as one who has never smoked crack cocaine might say, ‘I have never smoked crack cocaine.' He said he does not smoke crack cocaine, which is the sort of thing that someone who woke up this morning and decided to stop smoking crack cocaine might say, on the grounds that it’s not presently untrue.”
Toronto asked for, and got, Rob Ford
This is not to say that we should not have sympathy for people who use crack cocaine. I think as a society we should, and we should help those who want to stop using it. But it would seem obvious that we don't want our leaders doing it and if they do they really ought to step aside and get a few things in their life in order.
The thing is, for all you diehard Rob Ford fans - who must now be dieing hard - you have to take a hit sometimes. Meaning that sometimes you are wrong and your guy has failed and you have to come out and admit it. Even those of you in that loopy Ford Nation have to come out and admit it.
Toronto in fact has to admit it. You wanted a right-wing ideologue to run the city, a 'make the TTC an essential service and cut back payroll and blame unions and rant about the left' kind of a guy. You wanted a bigoted loudmouth, Toronto, and you got one.
One that does not currently use crack cocaine.
Digital Journal has not seen the video and cannot verify its contents or existence.
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