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article imageVideo: Anime film 'Time of EVE — The Movie' Blu-Ray Kickstarter

By Can Tran     May 25, 2013 in Entertainment
Anime production companies Pied Piper, DIRECTIONS, and Studio Rikka have jointly launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an international Blu-Ray release of "Time of EVE: The Movie."
Back in 2008 and up until 2009, the six-part Japanese anime ONA (original net animation) called “Time of EVE” aka “Eve no Jikan” and “Eve's Time” was released. Each episode ran for about seventeen minutes. Then, all the episodes got put together into a full-length feature film; with added content, the film was almost two hours long called “Time of EVE: The Movie.” Given the film's positive reception, there is a demand for an international Blu-Ray disc release; give that it takes money to give a release, the creators of Time of EVE have launched a Kickstarter video.
So far, the goal is $18K. Currently, with only 28 days left to go, the Kickstarter project has raised almost 38K. It is highly likely that this Kickstarter can raise three times the amount by the deadline. While this movie is available on iTunes, apparently there is still the demand for a Blu-Ray Disc release.
On the Kickstarter page, the Blu-Ray Disc version of Time of EVE: The Movie will have plenty of goodies. It will have subtitles in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. Interviews with cast members and the director will be included. Also, the Blu-Ray Disc version will be region free.
Time of EVE: The Movie, a science-fiction movie, takes place sometime in the future. Everything seems relatively normal; but, we have androids walking around that look perfectly like humans. The main differences are that they have a glowing red ring of data hovering over their heads and they obey the orders of their masters. But, something changes and its all thanks to this mysterious and cozy cafe in which humans and androids are treated equally. There, it's difficult to tell who's human and who's android.
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