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article image‘Armored’ pig survives ax, bullet, while worker ends in hospital

By Igor I. Solar     May 24, 2013 in Odd News
Temuco - An unusual incident occurred in a rural area of the locality of Lliu Lliu near the town of Villarrica, in Chile; a man attempted to sacrifice one of his pigs with a gun, but one of his workers ended in hospital injured by a rebounding bullet.
Walter Prevot, the pig’s owner decided that the animal was big and fat enough to be sacrificed and become the main course in a big family barbecue in celebration of his daughter’s birthday. The pig had a different idea.
Prevot was unable to capture the animal to sacrifice it in the usual way, so he used an ax to hit the pig on the head and slow him down in order to make his capture possible. The pig withstood the blow without an injury, but after the failed attempt, getting close to the pig became impossible, so the man decided to resort to more drastic measures.
He shot the animal at close range with a .38 caliber revolver. However, the projectile bounced off the frontal bone of the pig and the bullet hit the face of José Huenulef, one of Prevot’s employees who was also invited to take part in the celebration and was watching the procedure about ten meters away, reports TheClinic (in Spanish).
Screencap from video showing the pig s owner attempting to kill the pig with a gun. The pig survived...
Screencap from video showing the pig's owner attempting to kill the pig with a gun. The pig survived.
As a result of the accident, the bullet ended up embedded in Huenulef’s jaw. The worker was taken to hospital where he received reconstructive surgery to repair the mandibular fracture he suffered.
Meanwhile, the one year old pig, whose name is “Drilo" (short for Cocodrilo, Spanish for Crocodile), survived the shot without injury and now their owners intend to sell it.
"We do not want anything to do with this pig; I think I'm going to sell it. The only thing that happened to the pig was a peeling on the head where the bullet hit, but nothing else. I have experience with weapons; it could not have been the shooting angle. I don’t know what happened” said the surprised pig owner, according to SoyTemuco (in Spanish). Prevot believes there is something paranormal about the pig's incredible capacity to avoid death.
The incident has motivated some irate reactions from animal rights advocates in the region, and at the national level.
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