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article imageReview: ‘The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs’ Special

By Alexander Baron     May 24, 2013 in Crime
Telford - This documentary dates back three years to a police investigation of a gang of organised paedophiles in Telford, one of many that have been smashed in recent months.
Unlike the cases of child sexual abuse - real and imagined - that have come to light in the wake of the Savile revelations, these are not historic cases. Rather they were exposed at the time but for various reasons, including, one suspects, political correctness, they were not investigated as thoroughly as they should have been, indeed some were not investigated at all initially.
This documentary covering Operation Chalice is a horror story that saw 13 men charged with a plethora of offences against vulnerable girls aged as young as eleven. The list of victims would eventually run to over a hundred, and the list of perpetrators to more than twice that number. Girls were trafficked across the country, gang-raped and branded whores into the bargain.
Although the first trial collapsed, the two Asian paedophiles with the distinctly un-Asian names of Max and Eddie were eventually convicted of a number of offences that earned them sentences of 14 years and 18 years respectively. Altogether the court handed out nearly sixty years in sentences to this gang.
The fact that all those involved in this sick, twisted, sordid affair were Asian has led to the usual suspects making the same boring noises they have made for decades. The comrades at Socialist Worker pointed the finger at former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw for daring to tell the forbidden truth that some Asian men regard white girls as "easy meat". Straw identified the real problem, which is not Islam - as some fringe politicians claim; these are not Moslem gangs anymore than the IRA was a Catholic gang. This is totally taboo for the SWP though, it's not a race issue, they say. Of course not, it's only a race issue when the perpetrators are white and the victims are not. The large number of sentences handed out by the courts so far, and the ongoing investigations indicate otherwise, but to the SWP and their gang, ordinary white working class people are trash anyway, so why should they care about underage girls?
The female Asian reporter Channel 4 put on this case clearly begs to differ; justice may be colour blind, but it should never be dumb. According to the legal authorities, there are still a great many more cases in the pipeline.
This programme can currently be found on Channel 4 On Demand for those who can receive it, but watch out for it on YouTube.
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