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article imageSchoolgirls in Kent, U.K., being terrorized by a giant badger

By Marcus Hondro     May 22, 2013 in Odd News
A giant badger - at least some British schoolgirls report it as such - is running loose at the Folkestone School for Girls in Kent. The badger hasn't attacked anyone, per se, but has managed to be the focus of colorful stories and the occasional scream.
"It has been spotted several times within the grounds, scaring the living daylights out of the teenage girls," a parent of one of those girls told the Kent Messenger. "There were tales of it charging at a pupil and then sniffing her, but these are teenage girls who are full of drama. It is a giant badger and it is causing hysteria."
Badgers on Folkstone school-grounds
There is a badger 'sett' in on the school-grounds and principal Tracy Luke says it is well away from the main buildings and believes the situation is well under control. There have actually been more than one badger spotted but as the parent quoted above, who didn't wish her name used, points out, there's only one giant badger.
"I hope the giant badger and the others are captured humanely and moved as the school might start getting concerned about pupil safety," she said. "Some of pupils are saying they are now too scared to walk past certain parts of the site in case a badger runs out and bites them."
Badgers are usually shy, non-aggressive animals who venture out at night. They are a problem in the U.K., largely due to spreading illness to other animals, and there are plans for a cull. A petition against the cull has 220,000 names. The terrified teenage girls at Folkstone may not seem likely candidates to sign it but Folkstone parents are using their badger as an education tool and collecting signatures to add to the petition.
So despite their fear, the girls are lending support to badgers. "The point is not only to say why there are hundreds of screaming, hysterical girls in Sandgate," the parent said. "But also to get people to sign the petition to prevent the government's badger cull."
So then: there are hundreds of screaming girls in Sandgate because of a giant badger...and (if you like) sign the petition to stop the badger cull.
That's it, we shall badger you no more.
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