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article imageA shoe that can generate energy with each step

By Jonathan Lam     May 22, 2013 in Technology
Houston - A group of engineering students at Rice University discovered a new way to generate energy with the movement of the human body.
The group of engineering students at Rice University has found an answer to creating a device powered by the human movement. Called the Pedipower, it is a pair of shoe that can generate and store energy with each step. Currently the Pedipower can create enough energy to power a battery in a laboratory test.
Pedipower is made up of a lever arm with one way roller clutches so it only works in one direction. Utilizing the "heel strike" motion created when walking, the body's weight pushing on the lever causes high speed rotation in the gears within the gear box which leads the energy to a generator found within the shoe.
The sponsors of Pedipower is also developing an artificial heart for a human and they want a power source that is always available to power any medical devices like a pacemaker or an artificial heart. Pedipower is the answer for that call.
The goal of the group of engineers at Rice University was just to create a generator that can create energy by human movement and store it. Later on in the future another team will pick up the work and attempt to reduce the size and weight of Pedipower.
They quote that the end goal is 'if you showed someone the shoe while you’re standing still, they wouldn’t even see the device.”
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