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article imageWolf Blitzer asks atheist tornado survivor if she thanked God

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 22, 2013 in World
CNN's Wolf Blitzer had an awkward moment on Tuesday while interviewing Rebecca Vitsmun, an atheist survivor of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma. She escaped from her home with her 19-month-old son.
With almost every survivor "thanking the Lord" for survival mercies (not minding the dead), Blitzer assumed that Rebecca Vitsmun would also credit the selectively merciful Lord for her "miraculous" escape.
Blitzer said to Vitsnun who escaped from her home with her 19-month-old son just before the tornado ripped it apart: "We're happy you're here. You guys did a great job. You've gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you thank the Lord for that split-second decision?"
The lady, handling her child lovingly, pauses momentarily, and then said with an awkward smile and laugh: "I -- I'm actually an atheist."
Blitzer: "You are. All right. But you made the right call."
Vitsun: "We are here, and I don't blame anyone for thanking the Lord."
Atheists out there may think it was rash of Blitzer to assume, in an increasingly secular society, that everyone "thanks the Lord" for survival in the midst of body bags containing people just like themselves.
Yet, Vitsmun's final comment that "I don't blame anyone for thanking the Lord" appears to confirm the wisdom of the saying: "There are [ultimately] no atheists in foxholes."
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